Wednesday, December 24

happy ho ho ho xx

sending everyone the happiest of happy holiday wishes xx

Monday, October 13

very unwelcome visitors!!

we've been rather pre-occupied removing unwelcome visitors who
took up residence in our loft. . .

a particularly large hornets nest!

Unfortunately they didn't all succumb to the powders liberally applied 
to their entry/exit point under the lead flashing on the roof
and were happily still buzzing away when Mark opened the hatch,
expecting them to be well dead!

Another dose had to be sprayed directly into the nest!

A week later it was safe to go up and remove the nest which
hung just over 2 feet long and was too wide to fit through
the loft hatch opening.

Such a shame to destroy the exquisitely built colony
but alas in this case, wrong time, wrong place. . .
(and I'm everso relieved they're gone!)

Thursday, August 28

Bruce and I had a lovely country walk. 
I had lots to talk over with him (he's a very good listener) 
and he had a fair amount to tell me-
most importantly was that two deer 
were hiding in the trees behind us!

Sunday, August 10

an owl visitor!

a couple of weekends ago. . .
a summery Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock to be precise

we noticed a visitor in the garden

sitting on the fence post surveying the surrounding field.

Very happy to have his photo taken, he posed this way and that
so the camera caught his best profile
before flying across the field to perch on the roadside fence
where he nearly caused a pile-up as cars slowed in amazement.

After half an hour spent hunting in the field
he had a well earned rest in the oak tree
next to the house

before gracefully swooping down
and silently taking his leave.

Doesn't get much better than that does it?

Sunday, August 3

warming your wings

in the early morning sunshine

this exquisite damsel fly stops a while to dry and warm his wings

how perfect is that?

Saturday, July 26

if you have Musophobia LOOK AWAY!!

whilst moving a pile of logs in the woodstack
to make room for for fresh supplies

we unwittingly disturbed this little chap
having his mid-morning snooze

apologies were made, the logs were replaced
and he remained safe and sound in his cosy acorn nest

Wednesday, July 9

PHEW. . .its finished!!

last Autumn I treated myself to a beginners crochet course
with the lovely Ali Campbell

and just before Christmas I asked all my dear friends for yarn,
and began to crochet a sampler blanket. . .

phew! I finished it today! 

it's been a learning curve to say the least
but I've loved every moment. . .

and yes, I'm well and truly hooked!

Wednesday, July 2

early one morning

In the distance, 
a field of blue linseed flowers greeting the sun on our early morning ride

Thursday, May 15


I looked out the upstairs window and spotted these little chaps. . .

they're living with their mother in a small copse 
a couple of hundred yards from our house.

 Best neighbours in the world!

Sunday, May 11

new family. . .moved in!

I've just noticed that we have visitors on our front doorstep!!

Sunday, April 27

the view from my world this morning

just after I took the photo the heavens opened
and we got very wet but it was beautiful,
out in the early morning countryside

Tuesday, April 22

garden visitor

we've had rather a dapper visitor in the garden
for the past few weeks

I think his wife is nesting in the bushes 
behind the chicken run.

The only problem
is that wherever he roams

he has someone watching him. . .

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