Tuesday, March 23


The upstairs spare bedroom is where I do my eBay packing, surrounded by a mountain of tissue, ribbon, home-dried lavender, boxes and girlie-pink mailing bags.
The posting bag sits midway on the landing waiting to be filled.

Kit is the dearest little cat who "found" us some 10 years ago, fresh from the farm at 6 weeks old, small in stature but with that HUGE and completely unique personality peculiar to tortie cats.

Knowing that the eBay room is strictly out of bounds, but wanting to help in a way that only a cat can, she decided this morning to check the parcels as they went into the bag. Luckily no mistakes were found!
Helpfulness can only last so long, and once the woodburner was lit she felt I would be capable of working  unsupervised, and disappeared back downstairs to absorb the heat!


VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Why oh why do cats do this, they always pick a comfy spot right where they are going to cuase the most chaos and where they know they should not be...
Mind you she does look all warm and snuggly.

ilovemyhouse said...

Thanks for your nice comment, i will consider taking my brother in my house!Today i have a post about flags. I linked back your blog and e bay store i loved the flags. Hope it's ok by you? If not please let me know.x

ted and bunny said...

so kind of you to do the link, I love the flag photos you've posted! xx

Kim said...

Seeing your Kit brought tears to my eyes. My torti was named Kitton and she passed away totally unexpectedly on Oct 29. She was 12...much too young to die as far as I'm concerned. I miss her every day. Kitton looked alot like Kit. I was happy to see her picture and I am so happy I found your blog from ilovemyhouse blog. I will visit often. Thank you!

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