Friday, March 5

Bruce the horse

Bruce is a 15.3hh Irish Sport Horse, 17 years old and I love him to bits!
I've always kept horses but after Teddy went 6 years ago, I decided to call it a day and just exercise for other people- giving me all the fun without the responsibility and time constraints horse owing brings!
I'd ridden Bruce some years back and was instantly smitten with his handsome appearance and huge personality.
Last spring he tore a tendon in his back leg, meaning he would no longer be suitable for his lifelong role of Gentleman's Hunter, and on hearing that his owner was looking for a retirement home, I heard a voice say "oh yes I'd love him" and realised that the voice was mine!
He has the build of a large cob, and just like all cobs his whole life is ruled by food. . .his waking thoughts are how soon breakfast will arrive, and he only sleeps when every scrap of hay has disappeared.
We've been gradually building up his fitness with physio, slow exercise, equine bodywork and healing, and so far he's sounder than we could hope for, and enjoying his new life as an object of love and devotion!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Elaine!
It is GREAT to find you here in blogland - I'm sure you will love it! This virtual world of computer screens, blog posts, comments and followers is just so very lovely, as you will see. Bloggers are such kind and generous people.... and so many of them love vintage which is good news for your ebay shop!!!

Bruce is a very handsome fellow. And I love that you have given him a retirement home and you are nursing him back to health. He is very fortunate indeed - as I'm sure he realises.
D x

shirley said...

Your new blogsite looks wonderful. Well done!!!

BusyLizzie said...

So Good to see you in Blogland! I like the way you have set it out, very impressive! Lizzie x

Paula Joule Blake said...

Hi Elaine,
What a wonderful way of sharing your thoughts with the world! And what a wonderful blog you have created full of such imagination making it so interesting, i feel i know you already, in fact i know you better than i did before.
Thank you for introducing me to this site and all your friends.
l have so much to share i will take some photos and set some time aside to make my Blog!
Love you lots, Paula

Kim said...

I took the time to look at your very first post. I love the way you talk about the chickens..really clever..just like you were inside their little chicken heads! You know I love animals.

Emma said...

What a handsome chap you are Bruce..x

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