Friday, March 5

Hennypenny & Martina

We'll never know how Hennypenny managed to escape when the battery chicken house was emptied.
Featherless and frightened she spent a rainy night in the field- terrifying for a hen who had never even seen the great outdoors!
Luckily she was found in the early morning light, but with a twisted and lifeless leg she hid in her box, grimly hanging-on to life but making little improvement, until a Reiki session with a gifted healer brought about subtle changes and she began her recovery in earnest.
Each day she stretched and preened as her feathers grew back and strength returned, but she was lonely. We tried her with other birds but they mercilessly pecked her comb. She couldn't live her life in solitude and we needed to find her a genteel "ladies companion". . .

Martina was 16 weeks old when she "jumped ship" en route from the chick-rearing unit to the battery house.
She boldly spent a week roosting in the hedge before being caught, and when I introduced her to Hennypenny it was a match made in heaven!
Martina takes her role of carer quite seriously, never letting the old hen out of her sight in the garden, and they chatter away non-stop. Henny cannot scratch for herself so she stands right behind Martina, and as the leaves and soil come flying backwards she dives in for the choicest morsels.
Martina painstakingly digs-out a fresh dustbath only to find Henny settling in, refusing to move despite voiciferous protests.
At night Henny pulls all the straw from Martina's nest to make her own, Martina takes it back again. . .and in the morning they're snuggled-up close together having decided a double bed is better by far than two singles!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh what a lovely story!
It's so good to hear of Hennypenny surviving her night outside - and the reiki session - amazing!!
Martina is an angel of the hen world and she seems to have brought a new lease of life to dear Hennypenny.
I'm delighted to meet them and hear their story!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

shirley said...

I think I might be just a little bit "Hennypenny" somedays!

Floss said...

How good to meet your animals! Just today my son reminded me of his goal to keep hens - I sadly had to remind him that this ambition is on hold due to family circumstances at the moment, but I shall have to keep him away from Hennypenny and Martina or he will become too insistent!

Good to 'meet' you too, via Denise's post - I always find it worthwhile to follow up her recommendations!

sue15cat said...

A lovely post....welcome to the world of Blogging, I look forward to calling back.

Sue xx

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