Saturday, March 27


The elegant serenity of  ilovemyhouse's white interior had me reaching for the paintpot until Ted pointed out the obvious impracticalities.
I must agree that for a housework-shy confirmed collectoholic who spends most days in muddy wellies, it was always going to be a difficult look to mantain.
So now when I get the urge for chic tranquility I'm just going to pop over to Linda's site and immerse myself in her beautiful photos, and ignore the trail of pussy paw-prints across my kitchen floor!


ilovemyhouse said...

Oh, thanks so much. I feel flattered!I spend a lot of days in my wellies as well.So glad that you can crop pictures to cut off the mess around it.x

ted and bunny said...

oh don't tell me that! xx

winnibriggs said...

I too am inspired by the look and have only achieved it in one room so far...with a lock on the door. My little snug! However DH has just agreed to a bedroom make over, Wow! and apparently loves the look. Watch this space. Love your things on Ebay am eagerly watching some! :)
PS adore your header photo!!

Emma said...

I want a flag now because of you two!

ted and bunny said...

Well Emma- I have lots listed this week :)

A Bun Can Dance said...

So true!
It's easy to see a style on a blog or in a magazine and think "I want that!" but then when the dust settles we realise it's not really right for ourselves - though lovely to admire elsewhere. I'm learning this one too!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

Andi's English Attic said...

Our house, although Edwardian, was decorated in very dull 70's browns. Totally inspired by blogland, I've started redecorating in earnest. My kids protest: 'you're making everything light. It's not cozy anymore!'. Although they've both had their own bedrooms redecorated last year (to THEIR taste), they want the rest of the house to remain the same. Shame they're going to be disappointed! xx

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