Saturday, March 20

Paris in the Springtime

I just LOVE this Vintage 1950s French scenic print fabric.
It's got such a fresh Paris-in-the-Springtime feel!
I've listed two lengths for sale this week on my eBay site tedandbunny but I've kept a couple of metres back to use as curtains on the tiny windows in my newly decorated workroom.
As I write this, rain is still steadily falling from a grey morning sky.
Swaddled in waterproof rugs, Bruce the horse is picking at scraps of hay in the field, the hens are huddled under the hedge and Kit is asleep by the Rayburn keeping her dainty toes dry.
Paris. . .Springtime. . .ah well, a girl can dream!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Just gorgeous - I'm on my way to ebay right now!!!
D x

shirley said...

I`ll do Paris in Springtime with you! We can take the train from here and flea market till we drop!!!

BusyLizzie said...

gorgeous fabric.. at least you have been in the dry.. I have been selling in the drizzle at Shepton!

ted and bunny said...

If the choice is between Paris with Shirley-Chateau or selling in the rain at Shepton with BusyLizzie. . .

BusyLizzie said...

forget Shepton in the rain, it was bad!

Emma said...

I think by the sounds of it Pj's and Wellies are standard outdoor kit for most bloggers!
By the way if I was lucky enough to share your view, I would pop round, light the wood burner and bring you a latte.
Have a lovely day.
Em x

ted and bunny said...

Emma- come soon...bring biccies!! xx

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