Thursday, April 15

The FIRST bluebell!

I decided not to take the camera on my early morning walk.
Tranquility and Being Centred was my resolution, and getting up an hour earlier simply to take photos didn't quite give me the same amount of righteousness throughout the day!
So, Ted was certainly surprised when I came running down the drive 20 minutes after I'd set out, gasping

To me, bluebells say that winter has well and truly gone. Summer is on it's way full of anticipation for warm days, balmy evenings and the happiness that sunshine brings.

This photo is especially for
who misses the bluebells she had in her garden.

Tiny ferns were uncurling amongst the sheltering ivy.

The church was bathed in early morning light

I surprised the cattle, who thought I was bringing their breakfast

but the most beautiful sight was my favourite chestnut tree
coming into leaf.

I can see this tree from my kitchen window and I never tire
of watching how it changes throughout the seasons.
Its just magnificent!

I'll do tranquil and calm tomorrow-
today I'm happy I've shared these pictures x


Vintage from the Village said...

What a lovely walk !
Sue x

Annie said...

Beautiful pictures, I love bluebells too. It must be wonderful to live somewhere with these lovely views on your doorstep, thanks for sharing them.
Ann x

Menopausal musing said...

I saw my first bluebells today too! That is quite some tree to be looking out at from your window. Lucky you.

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh i love the look in the eyes of that cattle. Hope you did bring them breakfast!xx

ted and bunny said...

I didn't bring them breakfast, but I did scratch their foreheads which was sort-of appreciated!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Bless you, you have made my day, the first Bluebell - I can almost smell it....thank you so much. Love the view from your window that tree is a beauty.

Emma said...

Oh look you doing it again, showing me how lovely it is where you live.
I want to go for a walk and feed the cows..x

winnibriggs said...

That tree is wonderful. We have bluebells in our garden, been out a few days now, so beautiful.

mangocheeks said...

Those ferns are amazing the way they curl upwards.

I really lik your header. It made me smile.

Kim said...

I think you did tranquil and calm today, except maybe for that breathless sprint to your camera.! Ha! Great pictures! Have you noticed that everyone is talking about spring? We are all becoming intolerant of winter..seems like we have cold weather from 1st of Oct to usually May..except for this is warm and gorgeous.
Thank you for helping me get my message on the comment section...duh, I have figured other things out but I guess my brain is still frozen from the winter. Great help, dear friend! Kimxx

Maisey's Attic said...

These are lovely pictures - what a great place to live. Wishing you both a great weekend - xxx

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