Thursday, April 8

Large, Medium, Small. . .and Tiny

Weeks of
nest building,
endless housework.
Corn for colour,
layers pellets for protein, oyster-shell for strength.
Hovis wholemeal for treats- after all, she was eating for...
maybe half a dozen?
The whole world had to know:
Hennypenny would  SHORTLY BE LAYING AN EGG.

Every morning she tut-tutted over Martinas contribution, with the know-it-all authority of an old pro who had been-there-and-done-that more times than she cared to remember.

And today (imagine a trumpet fanfare here) it was nestling in the straw.
Hennypenny resting in the warm glow of maternal pride, deaf to Martina's scorn.
Ok so it was tiny, but was it really neccessary to state the obvious Martina?
I gathered the eggS (at this rate I'll need a basket) taking time to thank BOTH hens for their precious gifts.


Vintage from the Village said...

Aah that is so sweet. We have had our ex-bats for nearly a year now and it still delights us evertime we collect the eggs- what other pet does that !
Congratulations and have a great day
Sue x

ted and bunny said...

Aren't they just the best!

Menopausal musing said...

I came home and had two freshly boiled eggs for my lunch. I sat outside to eat them and it was just wonderful!

Annie said...

That's so sweet, I really would love to have chickens it's one of my little dreams.
Ann x

winnibriggs said...

I'm with Annie, but living in an old town house it's not possible. I do love to hear about them though. Congrats Hennypenny, at least you did it!

The English Writer said...

Oh I love hearing about chicken stories. I used to have 2 before we moved - Polly and Livvy, and they lived in a pink Eglu. I remember when they laid their first egg, it was momentous! (I even took a pic!!)I miss them, and when we find a more suitable house I have already TOLD hubby we're having them again! Look forward to reading more, and thanks so much for popping by my blog, glad you like it, have a good evening, Karen x

Sylvia said...

Lovely !
I have 3 hens, but they are old and aren't laying eggs anymore.
Love your previous post about Kit !
Have a nice weekend,

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hun....I've just found you! You have a lovely blog...
I'm hoping to get a couple of chickens in a few weeks time..very excited!
if you have five mins pop in and say hello hun...
Karen x x x

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