Tuesday, April 6

Midnight visitor

Unless she's on call for Mouse Patrol, Kit spends the evening in front of the woodburner.
At bedtime she sleeps in the utility room, on a plump feather cushion next to the radiator with a cat flap out to the garden.

Last night at half-past-midnight I was rudely woken by a whiskery kiss (Ted was soundly snoring) as Kit tried to make a nest on my pillow.
So where had she been hiding?

Because our bathroom is so tiny,
I've curtained off the eaves to make extra storage over the hot water pipes.

Reaching in this morning for fresh soap...

...I came across Kit curled up on the bath mats.

If I expected remorse I was disappointed- she made ME
feel guilty for disturbing her nap!

A yawn and a stretch and she went in search of fresh hidey-holes

but I shall remember tonight to check out her little curtained boudoir!


Vintage from the Village said...

Aah sweet (but annoying for you in the night!)
Sue x

Menopausal musing said...

I laughed a VERY knowing laugh when I read this one! Loved the knitted swimming trunks in your previous post. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :O)

ted and bunny said...

ah knitted swimming trunks...I wonder why no-one has ever thought to revive this fashion :)

Emma said...

Gosh, your lucky I have three moggies.
One of them has a liking for bringing me gifts during the night, sometimes a frog,a bird or even a nice wiggly worm, Humm lovely.
They also seem to enjoy chasing one another during the night, running all over the bed, and if that's not enough Freya pokes me when I'm a sleep with her paw.
I do love them though and wouldn't be without a furry friend or well three..x

Kim said...

Oh, she is just like my beloved late Kitton. She would go into the closet and curl up and no matter how much I called her she wouldn't come. I would reach my hand in there was her warm fur. We have a leopard chaise lounge and sometimes she would lie on it and blend in...we couldn't see her she was camouflaged..we would call and then we would just see her sitting there looking at us..I miss her so much. Kit looks so much like her.

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