Sunday, April 11

Shoppin' over for this year!

Winter has been soooo long,
and with the sunny days now here
I felt a treat was due,
and decided a spot of retail therapy was the order of the day.

Unless it's for stock, I'm not a great fan of shopping, fighting crowds, cramped changing rooms or Bournemouth but sometimes a girl has to embrace her Inner Princess and hit the stores!

First stop at Beales soothed my conscience with some bright new cleaning tools all with 25% off.
Bring on the dusting!

H &M is my favourite for re-stocking
basic tees and vest tops
and of course M & S for knickers.
Yet more pink and blue but hey- if it works, stick to it.

Fit flops for toned everything (yeah!)
and Ruby & Millie nail polish for toesies to match

                                      These cute Laceys Kit shoes were too comfy to leave behind!

                      Another pink sweater, and straight-leg trousers with turn-ups from the brilliant
love-it-or-hate-it TK Maxx
                The trousers go perfectly with the little vintage blouse I bought on Sunday from Lizzie.

                    Neals Yard and Burts Bees creams to get hands and feet presentable for summer.

                      A darling little vintage plastic popper-bead necklace to go with the pink sweater,
                  and a vintage plastic go...with the necklace.

                       My trusty old Kodak is held together with sellotape, so I made a major but long overdue purchase of a new Panasonic Lumix camera.
                                   Because I so hate any new tchnology,
I bought a bottle of fizz to celebrate if/when I get to grips with the instructions :(

And lastly, to ensure that I sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine, Around the World on Two Wheels
with enough chocolate to see me through to the very last chapter!


ilovemyhouse said...

Wow girl! You did some serious shopping. Good for you, you probably deserved it. Even Spring cleaning will be fun with these colourful cleaning tools.The flip flops are the best even though i'm not sure about the toning they are very very comfortable.Enjoy your new camera.xx

Kim said...

You made some great use of your shopping hours. I am the same. I hate crowds and I in particular hate to fight them at the grocery...I think some one is going to ram the cart into my heel when I stop quick to look at an make sure it is the one I want!. Too many times they make you feel rushed and you come home with something like "light" yogurt. I don't want "light" of anything! Enjoy your new camera..when they have to be held together with know it's time to get a new one :-) Believe me I know!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Thats what I call shop till you drop....Love the jumper and those silver shoes.

ted and bunny said...

phew. . . I don't feel so guilty about it all now (well maybe I still do just a bit with the chocolate!)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

I'm not a fan of high street shopping either...vintage shopping is sooo much more fun!
REALLY wish you had come and said 'hello' to me at the DH event yesterday, or did we speak? Hope so - but I do love putting a face to a name...and I'm not sure I know what 'ted and bunny' looks like! ;-))
Have a happy week,

The English Writer said...

Phew! Someone who can shop like me! Fantastic! Don't you just love these kinds of days xxx

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Like Niki I wish you'd come and said hello yesterday! It would have been lovely to meet you! Hope you enjoyed the day!


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