Saturday, May 8

Thankyou Debbie

A very BIG thankyou to Debbie at
 Home thoughts from Vintage Wants  for the
"I love Your Blog" tag.

Thoughtful sentiments are always very much appreciated, but I found it impossible to choose 10 sites that I love more than others to pass it on, so I'm simply sending it to all the fabulous blogs I follow- the entire list is here.

Thanks to all of you for making me smile, and for sharing your thoughts, lives, photos, mishaps and anecdotes.


Sylvia said...

Congratulations with this award !
Lovely idea to give it to all the blogs you follow, so thank you very much !
Nice evening,

Raggy said...

I'm so glad I found your lovely blog the other day. I just love seeing all your wonderful finds especially the fabrics of course.

Chickens in the Basement said...

I know what you mean! It is so hard to choose just 5 or 10 to pass on a blog award to. I always figure you know I enjoy your blog if I read regularly and post comments. Consider yourself awarded yet again!

ted and bunny said...


ilovemyhouse said...

iloveyourblogtoo!Congrats darling, you deserve it.Have a great Sunday. xx

Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Can I be nosey as I know you are an Ebayer, do you buy your postage online and print the labels off or do you do it all at the post office?
I was thinking of looking in to it but I dont know if you need a certain size labels etc?
Best wishes
Sue x

ted and bunny said...

Sue- have left an answer on your page

Shirl said...

Congratulations on your award and thanks very much for passing it onto me as well, my sidebar will wear it with pride ... :0)

Shirl x

Menopausal musing said...

I echo Shirl here........

Thank you.

Andi's English Attic said...

Thank you for passing on the award. I couldn't choose either from all the blogs I follow. xx

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for that! Love your blog too! Sorry I will not be seeing you at le Flea on Sunday! xx

Kim said...

I am not quite in understandment (I made that word up!) about awards but there is no way I could pick just 10 blogs, like you! I love blogs and so I feel that when I come to visit it is an award! (Didn't somebody say that up there in the comments already~well, I'm a little slow but quick on the trigger~ I love to comment and then read the previous comments after! Anyway, I feel I always get an award or maybe Reward when I read you blog and all the other ones I follow. I hope someday we meet! I think we are alot alike! Consider that a compliment! hahaha

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