Sunday, June 27

Bruce the Brave

Bruce the Horse has an absolute hatred of flies
which, as a horse, makes his life very difficult,
 and for me as his owner,
makes summer a very trying time.

On vet advice I trim the little hairs inside his ears
so if midges get in they're not trapped,
but getting near his ears is easier said than done
when he works himself into panic mode!

Previously he's spent days in the cool of his stable
and nights in his field, but this year
I decided to try a mesh anti-fly rug, which I bought
secondhand on eBay (of course!)

It has a neck cover and tail flap,
comes low over his legs and under his tummy

and to complete the outfit he has a matching hood
(yes, he can see through it!) to cover his eyes and ears.
I have been tempted to sew bells on the ear tips!

It looks a bit strange I know,
but he grazes happily even in the heat of the day
and isn't axiously pacing as soon as he hears a fly come near.

If only we could all have a protective suit of armour to face our demons!

I'll leave the last word to Bruce. . .


The Little Vintage Company said...

Aw Bruce! He's just gorgeous!

The flies are terrible at the moment! Dylan doesn't have too much trouble with them luckily, a fly fringe keeps them off his eyes when he's in the field. Of course the minute I start riding the flies swarm towards us they really can bite!

I can relate to clipping ears, Dylan will let you do just about anything to him, but try clipping his ears are he'll be in a mood for days! They're such characters!

Hope it's not too hot for you and Bruce!

Tamzin X

Country Cottage Chic said...

What the best dressed horses are wearing this summer....a few bells would just finish it off!
Hope it helps Bruce to be fly free.


Menopausal musing said...

Bruce needs his own blog......... I am not a horsey person, but he is just a lovely horse. That last photo is a beauty!!!!!!!!!

Oh...... and does Bruce have a "Sheila"?....?

Serenata said...

LOL, he looks a love! So glad my horse doesn't mind flys too much...must be a real nightmare at times.

Annie said...

Oh, Bruce is so lovely, poor thing being tormented by flies. My dog Josh can't stand them either,if he sees one he chases it snapping at it and trying to catch it. Not a problem outside but in the house it is a nightmare.
Ann x

shirley said...

Yeah I agree.............Bruce needs a blog! He looks like Naomi Campbell in a dressing gown

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Bless his big heart, so horses have phobias too. Love the helmet, now then do they have somethinglike that for husbands as mine has a phobia of wasps....

Sherri B. said...

Bruce is adorable no matter what he's wearing but is especially handsome in his new ensemble.

Kim said...

Bruce is a fashionista for all the other horses...I need an outfit like that for all the mosquitos we have!

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh, the softness of the nose of a horse!You are one lucky lady having a horse like Bruce.My daughter would do anything to have a pony ( and i mean ANYTHING:))Too bad for England (with the footie), can you please cheer for Holland tonight? XX

ted and bunny said...

Tamzin: we went out riding 7 am on Sunday morning to beat the heat- it was heaven!

Jayne- I shall tell him he's on the Best Dressed Horse list!

Cathy and Shirley- no, (underlined) NOOOOO, Bruce is not having his own blog; I've had enough raised eyebrows and sighs about Henny going public. Besides, all he'd ever post about would be food, it's his all-consuming passion!
oh...and no, Bruce doesn't have a Sheila but he does have a Joe (young, black, fit, big brown eyes...Bruce tends to act as his "mentor" ;))

Linda- Yes, that soft nose bit is the perfect place to plant a kiss!
Of course I'll cheer Holland on for you, be pleased to cheer anyone after England's dismal performance.

Everyone Else- thankyou for your kind comments, hope you're all enjoying this FABULOUS weather xx

Autumn Mist said...

Both my boys can get fly masks off in under 20 minutes, so they don't work for us, unfortunately. We found Barnaby's trampled and buried under a pile of old haylage, where he'd hidden it, hoping we'd never find it again! We took the hint. I used to have to ride Max in ear covers and a nose net as the flies drove him mad while I was riding him. Without these items it wasn't even worth trying to get on him.

Jee said...

Oh, bless him, doesn't he look sweet. Just been remembering how lovely that soft nose is - haven't had horses for nearly 30 years and still miss them.

Sylvia said...

Bruce is a lovely horse !
He seems happy in his new outfit, funny...bells on the ear tips !

John Gray said...


Pennyblossoms said...

I'd give anything to plant a kiss on that soft, whiskered nose. Bruce is adorable. Years ago I stayed on a "ranch" in the New Forest and they put this lemony scented gunky stuff in the horses' ears. I guess -now I'm older and a bit more worldly-wise-that it was a citronella based potion. No idea where you could get in but maybe citronella oil mixed in a suitable waxy base?
Z xx
Ps my word was supping!

Charlotta Ward said...

No this is totally cool and chic. Exactly how Nicole Kidman keeps her fabulous completion in the heat of Summer! :)

Loving the outfit and feel for Bruce. Tell him that Australia would not be for him. The flies are mean here!

x Charlotta

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bruce, love love his name! Had never soon such outfit.
Wishing you a lovely evening. xx

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi my dear. Just received your lovely give away. Thank you sooo much. I sent you an e mail. XX

BusyLizzie said...

Bless him, he does look very unusual in his outfit! Thank you for the blog comment, yes.. back to "normal" and getting ready for the Vintage & H'made textile fair this coming weekend.. Enjoy the week! xxx

Rose H (UK) said...

I love the horse protective gear! Bruce looks mysterious.....
Thank you for your kind comments - I found you whilst blog-hopping last week and added you to my favourites :o)

Purrfect Haven said...

dear Bruce - what a brilliant invention - someone somewhere always has a solution! Helen x

Kim said...

Bruce looks magnificent in his Bruce the Brave wardrobe!

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