Wednesday, June 30

The ORIGINAL Ted and Bunny

Many of you have asked about the name ted and bunny . . .

I found the gently dog-eared 1910 postcard at Alexandra Palace antique fair many years ago, instantly enchanted with such an adorable old Steiff Bear gently pushing his bunny friend in the ancient wheelbarrow.

Ted looks so handsome in his knitted suit!

When I registered for eBay back in 2002 the card was on my desk
and I could think of no nicer name than tedandbunny.

After their sedentary beginnings with a handwritten message and halfpenny stamp, this dear old bear and his companion have been beamed all around the world via the internet.

When I launched my website nothing seemed to sound better than

Ted and Bunny are now firmly "part of the family"!


Vintage from the Village said...

Aah how sweet is that story, I was wondering how the name started as well.
I should have called mine - Car tax reminder !!!

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi Dear, nice to know where the name came from.iloveit.I just did my post about the beautiful give away i received from you. Have a lovely day. XX

sue15cat said...

I've just been reading back over your old Blog posts(having just become a 'follower') and now I feel like a stalker!!

But when I got to the one before last I suddenly realised I had read them before. It must have been when you very first started Blogging, but I hadn't added you to my list of Blogs and so I 'lost' you.

So VERY glad to have 'found' you again. Brilliant posts all of them, so varied and interesting to read.

Blogging is indeed a lovely way to be a fly on the wall in someones life.

I'll be back, I'm not losing you again!!

(My word verification is 'stings', maybe the little hunched over keyboard man has run out of made up words for the day!! (See I have been reading old posts!)

Sue xx

Menopausal musing said...

Ah........... (she wrote, slowly nodding her head).......... so that's why the blog is called that..........

ted and bunny said...

V from the V: would that name be Car Tax Reminder from the Village?

Ilovemyhouse: thankyou for such a glowing post post xx

Sue: I'm very pleased that you've done your homework- essay in by tomorrow morning!
Glad you found me again, lovely to have you along x

MM: and "Menopausal Musing"...what sparked that off? ;-))))

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, how sweet! I was wondering about the name! Your blog is gorgeous, I just came over from ilovemyhouse, and am so happy to find you! Happy to be your newest follower! XO!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Elaine I have had you in my favourites on Ebay for years and have even made a couple of purchases in the past now I know where the name came from - although looking at your header I think I deduced that my dear Watson!!!
So glad you decided to join us in Blogland now I really can follow you, goshmakes me sound like a stalker

Sylvia said...

It was this profile picture that catched my attention to visit your blog.
Such a lovely postcard, Ted and Bunny are soo cute !
I've just posted about the giveaway, hope you like it.
Nice evening,

Sherri B. said...

I did wonder about the name, always liked it but love it all the more with the entire story. Thanks.

ted and bunny said...

Shari: so pleased you found me cos I found you too and your blog is DIVINE!

Debbie: I do hope that the shop is doing well, I've got my fingers crossed that the Grand Opening was very profitable?

Sylvia: Thankyou so much for the beautiful post. The pleasure really was all mine xx

Sherri: I so love that bear (just don't tell anyone!)

Kim said...

TedandBunny is so perfectly you. Warm and cuddly and a fun name to say. Thanks for introducing us to your first thought of inspiration!
Love to you and Kit!xxx
We called Kitton...Keet sometimes!

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