Thursday, June 24

Our quirky garden

I love my garden, but due to surrounding woodland
blocking sunshine most of the year
(and those two careless hens rampaging through in search of snails!)
it's not conventionally pretty with flower borders and beds.

Luckily I like the cool solitude of trees and ferns

and appreciate lichen as it silently creeps,
leaving a trail of softened silhouettes in it's wake.

As the lawns are full of moss they stay verdantly green
even in times of drought!

The garden is on three levels with stone steps to the top
where the chicken coop is sited, and the side woodstore,
with logs cut and stacked ready for winter woodburning.

These are my "wild" steps, quite beautiful as you weave
through paper-thin self-seeded yellow poppies,

and wild foxgloves grow in abundance.

This ancient chaffcutter is covered in moss and lichen;
our old cat used to while away the sunlight hours
asleep in the wooden trough.

Outside the back door is a worn circle in the concrete,
where once a Victorian copper laundry boiler stood-
how many Washday Mondays were spent toiling here!

We were given this pair of chimney pots as a wedding present
by a dear friend who knows my taste VERY well!
               So much better than the set of Pyrex dishes!

Ironically, they stand on sentry duty
either side of the chimney breast, their sooty appearance
lending an air of authority to the rambling creepers
planted within!

Stone pillars give the entrance to our tiny house
an air of (sadly mistaken!) grandeur.
I often wonder about the many people
crossing the slate porch since 1879 when the house was built. . .


KC'sCourt! said...

What a facsinating garden. Its lovely.
Julie xxxxxxx

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh, this garden is sooo beautiful I love the atmosphere and all the natural elements. I would love to see your house.Our house is from 1760 and i often wonder too what has been going on here :D Have a great day my dear and i hope you have the same weather as we have here.Lovely. XX

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

A beautiful garden! I love lichen too and encourage nature in as much as one can to a small garden like mine. I love your chimney pots. I have two which my father bought when I was a child. He was a bit of a character and had all kinds of farm and household machinery in our me and my five siblings survived climbing and investigating them without injury is a mystery! Lucyxx

Andi's English Attic said...

It may be quirky but it's also romantic. I'd love to have some of the things in your garden (especially the steps). xx

Lalabibaby said...

I love quirky and that is just perfect quirkiness! Conventional is boring and predictable I just love the way your garden has naturally found it's own way and the antiquities finish it off .... taking another opportunity here to thank you for the Very Vintage Giveaway ... I keep going back to the box and have a little stroke and planning what to do with everything .... photo frames are first on the list ... thank you, thank you, thank you xx

Jee said...

What an interesting garden, it's lovely.

Vintage from the Village said...

What an interesting garden you have. I have thing about old steps anywhere, especially if they are a bit worn.
None in my garden as it was built in about 2001, but we do have good views and I love it x

Country Cottage Chic said...

That's my kind of garden - I'm not a "neat & regimented" type of gardener either - beyond our pond & chicken house we just leave it to do it's own thing so we call it the wild garden.


Menopausal musing said...

Stone steps, lichen and chimney pots........ my kind of garden.

BusyLizzie said...

I adore your garden especially all the stone & metal items,,,, and the yellow poppies & foxgloves. I have a problem in that they never seem to spread here.... From what I can remember I clicked on link within on someone else's blog & that took me to a page where you could upload the feature.... give that a try & let me know how you get on! Lizzie x

Sherri B. said...

Oh my! I am in love with your garden! It is like looking through one of those wonderful garden magazines. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy this piece of heaven and thank you for the tour.

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Wonderful garden looks so inviting just the place to sit in the shade and read a book. I love the chimney pots that stand sentry either side of the door, as you say beats pyrex handsdown. I miss my large garden but don't miss all the hard work in keeping it looking good because as you know even a wild garden needs tending.

Sylvia said...

Your garden is beautiful and romantic !
I like lichen too, we have it on our terra cotta pots.
The stone pillars are gorgeous ... I think I saw a butler standing there ?!
Nice weekend,

A Bun Can Dance said...

So lovely. I adore the age of your garden... I'm cultivating the lichen and moss, but it's taking some time!! Very old gardens have a special appeal, and one day, I hope mine will have an aged look too!
happy weekend to you,
Denise x
PS: your Mum's words are wise indeed :-)

Kim said...

Quirky is my favorite word! Can I move in with you and Kit? I luv your garden! I will mosey on thru it again and again. Gives me ideas! We like each other's ideas don't we!
Love to you and Kit

Emma said...

When I first saw these photo's, I thought you must have gone out for the day to some charming and intriguing garden, but no it's your garden, Lucky you..!
"What is Cellophane Emma?" Hilarious..x

Pennyblossoms said...

What a stunningly beautiful garden. Oh my, I have fallen in love with it.
Z xx

Purrfect Haven said...

Loved that tour of your garden - how beautiful and evocative and inspiring. You have some beautiful pieces which look stunning and as the for the ornate entrance - heaven. Who needs a big house when one has a beautiful one! Helen x

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