Thursday, June 3

Outdoors at Tedandbunny this week

Now, you'll have to excuse blatant advertising for my
 tedandbunny ebay site this week.
These garden goodies are just TOO delicious to keep to myself!

Fabulously faded, original 1950s striped canvas deckchairs
perfect for garden or beach hut.
So much nicer than the modern copies!

A large 1960s chestnut and willow Sussex trug.

Flowery chiffon dress...wide brimmed straw hat...
daintily flitting about the garden...
a snip here...a snip there...
and then The Butler carries the trug indoors lest it be
too heavy for m'Lady's delicate constitution.
Oh well, a girl can dream!

Adorable vintage folding picnic table.
Dating circa 1970s, the wickerwork edged melamine top
is a copy of my favourite Victorian Pears Print.
Never mind the garden, I'd like breakfast in bed on this table!
(Actually I'd like breakfast in bed on ANY table!)

slots in the back for poles to use as intended,
or masses of tough cotton canvas for other
vintage textile projects

And for camping- or glamping as we shall all do this year-
this sweet little 60s whistling kettle with a perfect Retro look
to make your morning cuppa. . .

. . .after you've spent the night in this moss green rose-print
snuggly 1970s sleeping bag. . .

Bring on the SUNSHINE!


Annie said...

I love the deck chairs, I spotted some in an antiques centre yesterday and have just sat in the garden with my morning cup of tea debating whether to go back and get them .
Ann x

ted and bunny said...

Ann- go back and get them NOW!!

The English Writer said...

Fantastic, what brilliant stuff, I love the trug and the deck chairs, they'd look fab in my garden!!

Sherri B. said...

I had a deck chair like that many moons ago and loved it. Very nice collection for the shop!

Annie said...

I took your advice and went back and got them ! They have been put to good use in my garden this afternoon, I will post a picture of them at some point. Thanks for giving me a shove, they would have been the ones that got away if I hadn't gone straight back this morning.
Ann x

Menopausal musing said...

Great collection of "stuff"!

Maisey's Attic said...

Your blog looks amazing!! what a fantastic job Happy has done...I love the brown material background..,gorgeous!

Hope you're having a good week - xxx

Sylvia said...

Lovely things !
I love the deckchairs, beautiful canvas.
That Pears print is gorgeous, so nice with the
dog and cat !

Chickens in the Basement said...

The kettle is so cool. However, I'm not allowed to have any appliances that don't turn themselves off. I'm on probation with our local fire department!

Andi's English Attic said...

Wonderful goodies, although perhaps we could arrange for Mellors to carry the trug!!!!!

ted and bunny said...

Yessss!! Mellors indeed (oh I've gone all un-neccessary!)

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