Tuesday, June 1

Thankyou Winnibriggshouse!

HUGE thankyou to Jenny at Winnibriggshouse for the fabulous parcel that arrived with my Giveaway Goodies.
The pressies, delightfully wrapped in polkadot paper the colour of fairytale toadstool tops, had a cute theme-
a handmade Winnibriggshouse toadstool embroidered sewing case with toadstool pincushion, marshmallow mushrooms, handpainted mushroom plate, vintage fungi book, darning mushroom, flower seeds, fabric roses and a gorgeous vintage embroidered brooch which I'm wearing now.
The piece de resistance was Winninbriggshouse bunting, embroidered with toadstools and my own name.
All SO lovely, and very much appreciated!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I've decided to reciprocate the pleasure with my very own Tedandbunny Vintage Giveaway, so please keep watching for the announcement.

While I'm on the subject of "thankyous", a BIG one to Maisey's Attic for sharing this link to create the mosaic photos- it's certainly easier than I thought!


The English Writer said...

What a wonderful package, the polka dot bunting is divine xx

winnibriggs said...

hi there
So glad you liked your giveaway winnings. I think I overdid the toadstool bit, but it was fun putting it together. Really glad you liked the brooch too, that was a last minute thing as I thought it was right up your street.
Can't wait to join your giveaway, so will keep my eyes peeled.
Love Jenny x

ted and bunny said...

Jenny- I loved it all, the toadstool theme was delightful!
I haven't taken the brooch off since I unpacked it- it's gone from sweater to jacket to cardi. So glad you put it in at the last minute.

Sylvia said...

Nice you've won this give-away, so many beautiful things !
Enjoy them,

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

What a wonderful lot if items you received in your giveaway, you lucky lady you. I love embroidered brooches too.

Menopausal musing said...

Great give away, and I just love ANYTHING red with white dots........... Lucky you.

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh this looks so lovely. Wish i had been so lucky but if it couldn't have been me i sure like it that you have won it. Both Winnibriggs and you are my favorite bloggers. xx

jane and the happy crow said...

Lucky you, love all those spots! Will keep an eye on your giveaway, looks goooood. Jane x

Chickens in the Basement said...

What fun stuff...and RED! Love it!

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