Friday, July 16

Multi-tasking living room

Having been built as a rather grand Victorian Lodge House,
our home has large proportions
but quite small interior space- main room, kitchen and utility downstairs and 2 small bedrooms with tiny bathroom built into the eaves upstairs.
Having come from a thatched cottage, I found it difficult at first to find furnishing styles to suit. A pretty pastel palette was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the sitting room, but mixing modern and vintage to create an uncluttered space, the room could speak for itself.

This French toleware lamp originally stood in a VERY exclusive Knightsbridge hair salon, frequented by Diana Dors in the 1950s.  By contrast, the 60's vinyl chair came from our local tip!

Originally a tiny lodge-keepers snug and separate waiting-area for visitors to The House, the sitting-room was altered in the 1950s to create a huge full-width room with 6 windows giving a triple aspect.
Unfortunately, due to the surrounding trees it's still quite dark, so I've put blinds at the windows to maximise the light. Like so many old houses it's prone to damp, despite recently being lime plastered and decorated with conservation paint :(

The painting is one of my modern favourites- a Dorset landscape by local artist Mary Tambini

The woodburner is a MUST in this room, and works overtime from autumn through to the spring!
With no central heating, it's lit first thing in the morning when I start work at my "office end" of the sitting room, and stays well fed until bedtime.

The slate hearth came from the larder of a house being demolished, the Victorian cast iron surround from a demolition yard and the 19thC overmantel is French- it was was so covered in cobwebs we couldn't see the mirror underneath!

Ted's collection of vintage radios

This Art Deco Bakelite standard lamp is one of my favourite things. I did a swap many years ago with an antique dealer friend, of a years book-keeping service in exchange for the lamp, no mean feat for someone with number-dyslexia!

The 1930s plaster mannequin was found in the coal cellar on a house clearance- completely black!

Grey metal wall sconces with black glass lustres, and a quirky toleware world-map clock

Another Deco favourite, this time stencilled wood with a plain drum shade. 
The useful little wooden dumb-waiter is from the same era.
With no ceiling light in this room, I've indulged my love of vintage lamps!

This room works so hard, needing to be a comfy living room,
office and workspace, entertaining area
and  much-needed space for sorting textiles and treasures bought on tedandbunny antiquing trips.
I'm not precious about having my stock in the house- to me that's all part of the pleasure.

Of course no room, however furnished, would be complete without a sleeping cat

and this view from my desk makes all the cold and damp worthwhile!


Jee said...

Such a lovely eclectic mix, ours is very dull by comparison. Great view.

The Little Vintage Company said...

Ah yes the sleeping cat is a style classic!! Gorgeous room, seems lovely and calming.

Tamzin X

Andi's English Attic said...

I think my favourite pic is the view from your desk, and my favourite tale is the bust in the coal cellar.
PS - thanks for dropping in. Glad to meet someone else who thinks the same weird things as me.
I met QC back in the 80's at his one-man show. Is that what you saw? I admit I don't think he was a man I'd have got on with but he did wake within me a fight against injustice for others - something that's been with me ever since. xx

Serenata said...

Thank you for the tour of your sitting/living room. It shows a lovely selection of your eclectic tastes :-) Wish ours looked as good - fabulous view from your window!

Lalabibaby said...

It's looks lovely and don't you find your favourite things are found in the most unexpected places and what a view. My first experience of a wood burner was in a house we rented in Dorset a couple of years ago ... the heat they throw out was fantastic and one day I will get one for my front room which is always freezing for some reason ... don't know why the rest of the house is always baking. Have a lovely weekend x

Poppy's Place said...

What a lovely collection of interesting items you have in your living room. The 1930s mannequin was an incredible find. They are always my favourite finds, the completely unloved and forgotten items that are given a new lease of life and loved again. Jane xx

KC'sCourt! said...

What lovely things you have.
I'm admiring the Art Deco lamp.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Menopausal musing said...

Now, my favourite is the wooden dumb waiter. Love him! Know what you mean about having a cat snuggled on a chair/settee...........

ilovemyhouse said...

So nice to see how you live. Beautiful!Love the print of your curtains and your view is so lovely.Ted sure has a nice collection.
We have a big Norwegian woodburner. Isn't it the nicest warmth in the world? Hubby is always soo keen on stocking up wood for the winter. Have a lovely weeknd. XX

shari @ little blue deer said...

Your house is so lovely! I loved hearing all of the stories behind your lovely, lovely furnishings, so touching! That collection of vintage radios is amazing, Ted has great taste! You both do, clearly, it makes me happy to think of you living in such a sweet home! XO!

Autumn Mist said...

What a lovely home. It's easier to think the grass is always greener, isn't it, but I imagine it's hard work keeping the fire going in the winter? The view from your window is so typically southern England, isn't it? I'm from the Hampshire/Wiltshire border originally, and it all looks so familiar.

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

No central heating - shock horror!!! We are just in the process of having a new log burner instsalled and have just been told it is too big for our room, can just imagine us sitting in our cossies in the middle of winter.
I seriously covet that bust - she is beautiful I must try the soot face mark it obviosuly kept her skin looking youthful.

OhSoVintage said...

I love your home, so individual and different and not at all how I imagined your home would look! That bust is gorgeous - wow, what a find!

Sylvia said...

What a cosy living room, thanks for showing us !
I love the woodburner and the mirror is a beauty !
Kit has chosen a nice spot, so cute !
Nice Sunday,

Kim said...

I love the glimpses you have entitled us to peek at of your special areas! I love to peek! And I love that you let me peek at Kit! I always look for a little pic of her!

a mermaids purse said...

love the photos of your home- such wonderful treasures your home is made up of- thanks for sharing ;0)...x kazzy x

winnibriggs said...

I love it all. You mix things so brilliantly....and you really must have wanted that Art Deco lamp....!!

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