Tuesday, July 6

Ophidiophobics look away NOW!!

I was outside taking photos for my eBay listings
when I noticed Kit staring at the rewards of her morning's hunting,
 and went to see what she'd found. . .

Ophidiophobics look away NOW!!

It didn't seem injured but I thought it prudent to quickly separate
hunter and prey


and popped him in a bucket.

Definitely not injured, just "playing dead" so I released him
to a secluded spot where he wriggled away into the undergrowth.

And Kit?

Well there really are far better things to do on a sunny day. . .

. . .than figure out how not to lose face when you
catch a snake by mistake!


Cheap2Chic said...

Oooh, that was a new word for me, glad you explained and I didn't have to reach for the dictionary!

You're very brave, I'd have been long gone.

Snakes and bats are my worst nightmare. xx

Charlotta Ward said...

Brave cat, very brave mamma, and clever snake! :)

x Charlotta

KC'sCourt! said...

They do that you know......lay upside down and play dead! Very brave of you to pick it up.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Hesta Nesta said...

We had a tabby called klaus who used to catch slo worms when we lived in Devon, and for some reason only known to him would put them under our bed. I would have to be brave and get my dust pan and brush to return them to the garden.
Jo xx

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, we get "presents" from our Siamese cats ALL the time! The worst was a frog that they brought inside, my husband was at work and he said that I had to be brave and dispose of it, it was awful! XO!

Sylvia said...

Oh, how scary !
I shouldn't dare picking it up.
Kit is so cute !
Nice evening,

Menopausal musing said...

I had a cat that used to catch lizards, eat them and then sick them back up within half an hour. Lovely creatures, cats, aren't they?

Lovely looking snake there............

jane and the happy crow said...

Ooheerr that must have been a surprise, we get lots of slow worms as presents but no snakes yet thank goodness. Sorry I have not popped by for a while. Jane x

The Little Vintage Company said...

I'm a little scared, I've never seen a snake in England, you forget they're around!

Hope Bruce recovers from his lameness quickly, it's so frustrating!

Tamzin X

shirley said...

Not sure about the snake lying on its back playing dead......that would have been me!!! I am terrified of snakes!!

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh cats! I'm more a dog "lady" i'm afraid. Yesterday i found a pigeon without a head in my garden. Guess who did that? ilove all animals and i'm happy to see you saved the snake.XX

ted and bunny said...

Cheap2chic: I had to look-up the word Ophidiophobic; didn't know what it was prior to writing the post!

Charolla, Julie, Sylvia, Shirley: no not brave, I did it without thinking which was a bit silly- not sure I'd do it again!

Jo: VERY glad it wasn't under the bed...with my housekeeping it may have been suffocated with dust:(

Shari: the chickens caught a frog last week- but thats a whole different story!

MM: Kit doesn't usually sick things back up unless she can do it in fron of (non-cat-loving) visitors!

Jane: great that you stopped by- lovely to read your birthday post, especially Trevoole Farm xx

Tamzin: we get Adders here- I always make a noise when I'm out walking to scare them away. Actually thats probably an excuse, I'm just a noisy person!

Linda- a headless pigeon, sounds a bit gruesome! At least it wasn't The Godfather!!

Autumn Mist said...

At first glance I thought it said, "Orthodontics" so I thought we were in for a horrible picture of someone's teeth! I really must clean these glasses! And secondly, what sort of snake is it, as one of the British snakes does bite, doesn't it, but I can never remember which one.
I've just watched, this and it seems yours is a grass snake

Country Style Living said...

The cat looks very pleased with himself, you are very brave, and the snake looks happy to escape..

ted and bunny said...

Autumn Mist- many thanks, according to the video link you sent, this is indeed a grass snake and doesn't bite...of course I knew that all along!!!

winnibriggs said...

I still think you are awesome. Pictures never bother me its the actual living things that I have a problem with! Thanks for the comment Elaine, glad to hear you store the same household thing under your bed as I do. My excuse is that DH is allergic to dust, so I can't possibly disturb it!! O I do wish you lived nearer I would love to meet you. Hope the rain stopped and you can salvage the hay. Typical after all the sun we've had!
Jenny x

Kim said...

Oh I love that Kit! She looked very interested in that reptile. Actually, I'm not afraid of snakes..weird but true! She loves to be outside in that warm sunshine...looks like she dipped her tail into white paint!. My Kitton did not like the outdoors...she got out once and hissed all the way down the sidwalk! hahaha Tortitude!

Purrfect Haven said...

well done - I really like snakes and it would have been sad if its head had been bitten off. Mum and Dad have two grass snakes in their garden (Mum is planning to move because of them), they are each over a metre long and apparently can have 30 babies! If I was nearer I would get a pic of them. Love Helen x

sharie said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Love Bruce's get-up in the post below. I only use a fly fringe on my horse so I guess I get away lightly. But good for you giving Bruce his fly protection to enable him to use the paddock in summer - much better than being stuck inside all day.

ted and bunny said...

Jenny: yes it would be so lovely to live nearer- but you'd have to move here!! xx

Kim: "Tortitude" what a perfect word- completely sums it up

Helen: I hope all 30 babies don't come visiting at the same time :((

Sharie: love your blog, just about to come back and become a follower xx

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