Friday, August 13

In apple-and-blackberry-mode!

After making a really scrummy apple and blackberry pie last week, I've fallen back into baking mode after a summer sojourn while the Rayburn was turned off to economise on the hideous price of oil, leaving me to battle with the microwave and an electric hotplate (we don't have gas here!)

I absolutely adore my beloved Rayburn cooker and during a lengthy partnership we've reached a mutual agreement on our  limitations; Ray doesn't "do" fancy cakes or souffles that require an exact temperature, and is finicky about providing direct heat for stir-fry, but cakes puddings and pastry, roasts, oven-grilling, casseroles and the best jacket spuds EVER cook perfectly in the top oven, while the bottom plate-warming oven is PERFECT for meringues and my new favourite- tomatoes sprinkled with thyme, sugar and olive oil and slow-cooked overnight (YUM!!)

Im ashamed to say that I tore this blackberry and apple tray bake recipe from a magazine in the dentist's waiting room- it's SO quick, simple and totally delish and as I didn't have the right size tin or some correct ingredients I adjusted it per se, which proves it's pretty foolproof!
Hopefully sharing with everyone else will make up for my act of literary vandalism!

Apple and Blackberry Tray Bake
makes 12 slices
100g (3-1/2 oz) softened butter (I used margarine)
175 (6 oz) self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
175g (6oz) golden caster sugar (I used ordinary white)
2 eggs
1 lemon rind
1 Cox's apple diced (I used 2 apples from Bruce's tree)
150g (5oz) blackberries
Preheat oven to Gas 5, 190C, fan 170C. Line shallow 8" square cake tin with baking parchment.
Place all ingredients except apple and berries, into a large bowl and beat with wooden spoon until smooth.
Stir in fruit and spread into the tin. Bake 30-35 minutes until golden and centre is firm to touch.
Leave in tin for 10 minutes before turning out and allow to cool completely before cutting into squares (oh yeah, like that's ever going to happen!)


Jee said...

That's very tempting recipe - wouldn't last long here either. Now, where can I find some blackberries?
Lovely plate, by the way.

Sue said...

I love apples and blackberries together so this sounds right up my street. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

Sue said...

Forgot to say, Bruce is very handsome.

sue15cat said...

One I'm definitely going to try, sounds yummy!

I bet it's lovely to have the Rayburn back on, I'm so used to the Aga always being there ready for action I'd be lost without it now.

(Yikes...must remember to order more oil, we're down to our last 3 inches, and I know what you mean about the expense, our tank holds £1200 worth!!)

Sue xx

Emma said...

Mmm I am going to try making that, sounds good.
Glad I am not the only one who rips out pages from waiting room mags.

Menopausal musing said...

Yum! I think we are off out blackberrying this weekend. We also are on oil, but my rather unsubtle hints re an aga or a rayburn fall on deaf ears!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

umm they look tasty! i'd love a rayburn but theres no room in my kitchen (or money in my bank!), Lucyxx

Hesta Nesta said...

I love ranges, we have a beautiful black AGA and I couldn't live without one now!! You are right, they do the best jacket spuds. You have inspired me to do more baking, I really don't do enough. Oh and by the way, you can be my smug sister, I would love to see the lined basket and the little lined box you made, you should do a post about them.
Jo xx

Autumn Mist said...

Golly, it sounds gorgeous, I'll definitely be giving it a go. We don't have gas here either. I'd love a range, my grandmother had one (lived nr Salisbury) and they bring back such homely memories.

BizzyDays said...

MMmmm, that looks and sounds yummy. We would all love that one here!

Kim said...

I wish we lived close so I could spend time with you and your amazing ways! Love that cooker! Love how you word your thoughts too. Love to Kit! xxoo

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe, looks delicious !
Nice weekend,

Sherri B. said...

I want a Ray of my own. I thought all of those good looking stoves in the UK were Aga and ran on gas...Anyway, I love your plates and thanks for the recipe. It is true that for every recipe you steal from a magazine in any waiting room, you must share with a least 5 people to have the sin forgiven, so I think you are safe now.

Country Style Living said...

Great recipe, think I might try it....Love Ray!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

You have me curious now as all of our big stoves like that run on wood, I've never heard of cooking with oil?? Filling up sounds expensive, how long does the tank last?? Love those gorgeous plates :-)

shari @ little blue deer said...

I LOVE your kitchen, just saved it to my own personal inspiration file! Love the stove and all of the art! And I have to confess, when I first saw your post title, I thought you were talking about technology, how funny is that?! XX!

Poppy's Place said...

That looks lovely and really easy to make which is such a bonus! I love all the pictures on your kitchen wall. You can never have enough pictures (I think) and yours are such sweet subjects. Jane xx

Indie.Tea said...

The best recipes are always from the most random sources, aren't they? The tray-bake looks simple yet delicious. My favorite type of baked good :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

What did Bruce have to say about you eating HIS apples?
Looks delicious!
My Aga is still very cold & sad in the kitchen at the moment - can't wait until it's cold enough to switch her back on!


Miss Mary Elliott said...

Yummy! I'm going to try that recipe, thanks for sharing :) xx

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Am now off to go blackberrying and scrumping apples from next doors tree, is that as bad as tearing the recipe out of the magazine..
If I share it with them I should be forgiven

The Cloth Shed said...

ooh...all this talk of Rayburns and AGAs is too much, I want one...
Julie x

winnibriggs said...

Made this today with grandson, a real winner. Don't think there will be much left for pack up!
Thanks Elaine
Will Email the Lemon tart recipe.
Jenny x

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