Tuesday, September 7

Vintage Blog Shop- OPEN for BUSINESS!

As most of you know I've been happily selling on eBay for over eight years now, and although there are sidebar links to my auction site I've tried to steer away from making this blog a purely commercial exercise, really enjoying sharing my stories with you, and reading all of yours!

I've been thinking for ages about also selling my vintage finds from my website, but decided instead to open a little Vintage Blog Shop and I hope you'll take the time to have a peek.

I would REALLY appreciate your feedback. . .do you think it should be more "professional". . .would you like to see more photos or a lengthier description. . .do you think the buying arrangements are adequate or would you prefer a Paypal button. . .what type of things would you like to see for sale. . .would you like categories separated onto different pages. . .and would you mind if every few weeks I showed you the new items for sale?

Please please PLEASE tell me (honestly) what you think- if you don't want to leave a comment, my email address is on the sidebar.
Thank you all so much for your support xx


Vintage from the Village said...

Hi Congratulations on the blog shop !
It was so spooky as I was wondering about setting one up and was just working out how to do it !
Good luck, looks great and I reckon the payment system is fine
Best wishes

KC'sCourt! said...

Good Luck with your shop - I enjoyed looking at the things they are well presented.
Julie xxxxxxx

Jee said...

Looks great to me - can't wait to see what else you add.

Heidi said...

I'm still bummed I lost my coat my Mom was incharge of watching it for me!!!! I'm excited to look at your next batch of treasures, You have a great eye!!

Sherri B. said...

I think it looks great. I really don't know how the pricing works with your money and our dollar. I will be opening a Pay Pal account soon for my Etsy shop so I guess I had better find out about all of this business...Your inventory is very nice.

Annie said...

Your shop looks great, can't wait to see what else you will add. I think it is great to show us things you are going to be selling as it kind of gives us a sneak preview, so often I miss out on lovely things because I don't check in on people's shops often enough.
Ann x

Sue said...

Congratulations on the new shop, just had a peak and I think it looks great. Everything is very clear and simple. I think letting us know about anything new is a good idea.

Kim said...

Wow, you have asked some heavy questions..I'll have to think on those for awhile...food for thought on my day off work tomorrow.
I have a neighbor kitty who is called a Dilute Tortoise shell cat. She has long hair and she is full of Tortitude! Somehow those tortitudal animals are always drawn to me. None of the cats in the neighborhood like her --much hissing and growling go on when they try to approach her...and she runs to me to save her...she is so funny! Just had to tell you. Hi to Kit!

The Little Vintage Company said...

Just had a look at your shop and it looks great! Very good descriptions and lots of pictures, which is what I like to see!
Tamzin X

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Looks good to me - lots of pictures, good descriptions and it is easy enough to pay. Good luck with the venture I am sure it will be as successful as your Ebay shop is.

sandiart said...

Yes, yes, please show us your goodies here. Do you ever get lace and buttons????
When I saw your doilies it reminded me I had some way back and gave them away, how unfortunate.
And...I have that Forget me nots book, it is gorgeous.
Hugs Sandi xx

carol at home said...

You might remember from my 1st post that I too want to get a little vintage business up and running and this is one of the options I have been considering, along with Etsy, Big Cartel and of course my own website. I think your blog shop looks super, lots of photographs which are often sadly lacking, good descriptions and very reasonable prices. Personally I wouldn't have a problem with contacting you via your profile page, my own idea was to just have a linked email address for buyers to contact me. However my marketing guru (aka eldest son) tells me that lots of shoppers simply wouldn't bother and that I'll need a cart otherwise I'll miss out on impulse buys, he does rather complicate things for me!
Anyway lots of luck with this newest venture and yes I do think you should use the blog to show us your new wares, we all love to window shop you know.

sue15cat said...

Your shop looks brilliant - well done. Some lovely things in there, very tempting.

Sue xx

Sylvia said...

Your Vintage Blog Shop is a great idea !
Everything looks fine to me, very interesting.
I wish you a lot of success !
Nice day,

Menopausal musing said...

Just had a visit to your shop! Well done! lovely items, very well described and very reasonably priced. I would love a nudge from time to time on your blog so that I know to go over and look at what's new re your stock.

Country Style Living said...

Just visited your blog shop, everything looks great....Lots of info and photo's. Good Luck!

BizzyDays said...

Hello, just had a nosey round your new shop, and the pictures and descriptions are really good, it's great to have pictures like that. It's also a great idea to show us your new items -that are going into your shop- on your blog. And another idea (this is all in my humble opinion by the way lol) is when you put more stock in, maybe have seperate categories (as you suggested above) for things, linens, china, pictures etc.. And maybe a showcase on the front page of new items listed?
Hope this helps..
But I do have to say that it really does look great as it is! :0)
Have a good week.
Kind regards,
Donna x

ted and bunny said...

Thankyou all very much for your comments on the Shop, they've been very constructive and given me food for thought.

Sherri pointed out a glaring flaw in not knowing UK prices, so I've installed a currency converter widget at the end of the inventory.

I'll add some more items, and appreciate that you're all happy to have a preview.

Personally I agree with Carol that I need a shopping cart or at least a buy-it-now button, so I'm trying to find the easiest way to install that.

Donna at Bizzydays gave me much food for thought and I agree with all her points, but unfortunately the constraints of a blog page don't allow me too much scope.

I think I'm going to see how it goes, and if I outgrow it then I'll spend the extra ££s and re-jig the whole thing within the pages of my existing website!

Your input has really been appreciated- as always! xx

Poppy's Place said...

Your shop looks great. I do agree it would be nice to have categories when you are able. I love the way you have lots of photos. It makes it really clear to see the item. How exciting to have a new place to buy items as autumn is coming and car boot sales are ending. I will certainly check regularly. Jane xx

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Hi Elaine. I think your photos are description are excellent but I agree that if I want to buy something I want to buy it NOW! To be honest if you have a website, why not sell there rather than dilute your web presence. You have lots of fantastic vintage pieces and you must get lots of repeat customers, people that have bought from you on Ebay that would then buy again from your website and you won't have the ebay fees!

I now exactly how you feel about having too many posts that are just about selling your stuff. I always feel like a website pimp! but having said that I really am very passionate about my business and the things I make and sell so it seems very natural to want to blog about that side of my life. It could also be that my life has been taken over by my little business and I've turned into a very boring person! Its easy to see that you are passionate about your business too and theres nothing wrong with that.

Good luck with your new venture, Lucyxx

Purrfect Haven said...

Just been to your shop and impressed. Will definitely use it. I liked the photos and to have several - sometimes of the back etc is great and useful in making up ones mind. Doesn't matter about paypal really, cheque fine.. just takes a little longer that is all. Great. happy selling. Helen x www.happinesskindled.blogspot.com

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