Thursday, November 25

Thanks. Giving.


On paper, they're only two small words made up of six little random letters.
So how come by the time they've gone in through your eyes, across to your brain and down to your heart they have such a powerful force?


The Cloth Shed said...

So true.....Hope you have plenty of thanks and giving at your Fair on Monday.....
Julie x

Vintage Tea Time said...

A short, but very pertinent and true post.

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

I skyped my American family to wish them a happy Thanksgiving and gave thanks for the family that I love overseas.

Good luck on Monday Elaine, will be thinking of you all.

John Gray said...

thanksgiving is something we should import to the uk!!!

Kim said...

Wow, that's powerful! Give a Thanksgiving kiss to Kit and Bruce..and yourself for me.

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