Saturday, December 11

the Chosen Cushion

we all know how fussy cats are
(especially Farm Cats with ideas above their station)

so after months of trying to find an acceptable alternative
to a VERY old and grubby feather cushion,
and having each offering completely ignored

I was surprised to find her ladyship
has settled contentedly for one of the garden-seat pads
I brought in from the shed to wash before storing away.


Hesta Nesta said...

I love cats,they are so fickle!! I want to come back as a cat (with a nice cosy warm home of course) My two elderly ones seem to choose vintage quilts and eiderdowns.
Jo xx

Sylvia said...

Kit has made the right choice :-)
indeed cats !
Nice weekend,

Kim said...

When my son stayed with us for about a year on his way to something else from New York City, I decided to give him the bedroom so all his stuff could be in there and out of the way. Kitton was very distraught about it..paced and paced. So when he moved out we fixed the bedroom back up and Kitton was sooo happy on 'her' bed again. She lolled and she gagged on her bed..she was soo happy. While bringing in the dressers she laid on the top of each one again spread out and lolligagged. She was a funny girl...just like Kit. love to Kit from Kitton!

elegancemaison said...

Our three-legged feline lodger ( actually our daughter's cat, but she's gone to Australia) is also very funny about his sleeping places. He has various favourite spots around the house, but he tends to alternate them and we are always surprised when he suddenly returns to one he had ignored for months. Though put down a supermarket plastic bag anywhere and he's there in a flash!

BusyLizzie said...

Don't talk to us about (farm) cats.... so very fussy... as I type this they are fighting over a tatty old footstool! (well ,it is near the woodburner...) see you tomorrow! xx

home made gorgeous said...

She looks extremely cosy on that cushion, and such a nice view of the garden too! I love the way cats are so choosy about their beds. Next week there will probably be another 'sleeping area of choice'! :) Sarah

sandiart said...

Our cat doesn't have any one special place, she likes to spread her long fur over everything, from the velvet couches to the carpet floors, to the beds, she ain't fussy. But we do love her so.
xx Sandi

Menopausal musing said...

'tis the nature of the beast! :O))))))))))))))

ilovemyhouse said...

I would have chosen this pillow too! Lovely.
Decided to do a give away at last. Please come and check it out.
And let's all have a happy Sunday.


Vintage Tea Time said...

Our cat kindly lets us live with her in her house...:).....!

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