Tuesday, December 7

I'm very very cold

I'm not the sort of person who grumbles.

My cup positively overflows
I live in a beautiful place
I have a charmed life
and through thick 'n thin I have the ability to giggle,
and make the best of some very bad situations.

it's a big thing for me to admit
that for some reason
I'm not coping very well

Our house is in a "pocket" tucked under trees in the middle of a field.
The frost never goes and the sun never reaches us
but we're in Dorset, not Siberia!

I'm cold right inside
no matter how many layers of snuggly thermals
(and I've tried them all)
or blankets or hotties or plump quilts.
Or the odd tot of whiskey.
My hands are white, my feet are frozen
(apart from the chilblains!)
my shoulders are set rigid
and my teeth are clenched.

I eat and drink all the things that are supposed to make you warm.
Bruce ensures I do brisk exercise.
But it doesn't matter how hot I get on the outside
the inside of me still stays
very very cold.

Anyone got any ideas?


Menopausal musing said...

I am cold too........... not just cold, but C.O.L.D!!!!

Vintage Tea Time said...

I shall be interested to see anyone's suggestions for you - because I feel the same!! It looks heart-breakingly beautiful out there, but that'll do for me now, thanks! Warmth please - or at least not sub-zero temps! Abby x

Jee said...

Well you could come and see us - have a 92year old living here who is cold in August, we live in sub-tropical temperatures most of the time even though we turn radiators off in half the house (I'm typing this wearing only a t-shirt and jeans and it's solid frost outside). However, you wouldn't want our fuel bills!

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

emmigrate! It's the only way, for the past few years we have gone to the Dahab in the Sinai just after Christmas, it's fantastic wearing jeans & t shirts and getting the sun on your face.
Perhaps you are like me, I get VERY cold, I do live in a VERY cold cottage, but I think that SAD syndrome has a lot to do with it.
I don't have a fab answer, apart from sheepskin boot liners, I have them in all of my footwear, just massive empathy!

Sherri B. said...

If you have wood heat, I would crank it up and keep putting the wood in until you get everything really HOT. When we had the wood heat that is the only way I could get rid of the 'inside' coldness. It seems that the furniture even got cold so that was the only way to warm it all up. By the time I was done with this process everyone was in shorts! Good luck.

Autumn Mist said...

I do totally and utterly sympathise. I am wearing six layers when I go out and until recently was wearing a hat indoors! We do get the sun in our kitchen, but the rest of the house is freezing. It's lovely and cool in summer but ridiculously cold in winter. I've actually relented and bought a carpet for the kitchen as I can't stand it any more. Can you get some electric heaters?

sue15cat said...

Loads of layers is my answer, we live in a house in the middle of nowhere, completely exposed to the elements on all sides and it hasn't got double glazing or much insulation, so it's b****y cold!!

When the cold gets through to my bones I jump in a deep hot Epsom Salts bath and then soak for 15 minutes. Then I start piling on the layers, lots of thin layers to trap all the body heat, it really is the only way. Then a bowl of porridge and a few hot drinks and I start to feel human instead of ice-like again.

The suggestion above about a big wood fire is a good one too, you need to get it really roaring, to warm everything in the room.

I've also been known to be found virtually sat on the Aga at times!!

Sue xx

Sylvia said...

We were very cold too last week, now it's a little bit warmer.
That snow is beautiful but I don't like this weather. I heard on the news some homeless people died because they had to sleep outside, terrible !
I wear slippers with sheep's wool inside, that really helps !
Nice evening,

melbatoast68 said...

First of all, wear a warm woolly hat - It's keeps the heat in. Then get you an electric/heated blanket and plug that puppy in, crank it on high and snuggle under with a nice cup of tea. That's what my mom does when she's cold. She swears by her heated/electric blanket. Hope that helps!

Andi's English Attic said...

I keep my hat on indoors, too. Fingerless gloves help me work and keep my hands warm. Hot water bottles are cuddled. Tomorrow I'm putting door curtains up - that should help. Oh, I hang on my Aga as well. xx

Annie said...

I feel the same, I just can't warm up. My house is freezing in winter with it's old original windows and drafty doors. I snuggle up on the sofa under an eiderdown but not much good if I have to venture in to the kitchen or upstairs.A few people have recommended electric blankets too which I have never considered before.
Ann x

shirley said...

We are freezing as well! Sad as it is one of those fleecy snuggle blankets with sleeves is looking very inviting!!!

carol at home said...

Muck Boots, a scarf tucked around the neck and of course a hat

Kim said...

We feel the very same here in the Midwest of the United States! To think ~before all our rain came on Thanksgiving day..we didn't much all summer or fall~we were out with shirt sleeves feeding all the squirrels etc..then the rain came and froze overnite so that I couldn't get the car doors open and I was late to work..then starting December 1 we got snow and below 0 fahrenheit temperatures. What the h#%?! I feel cold inside my body too..and I have to take a really long hot shower (till the water runs cool) to get warm enough to get into bed. Then I have to run very fast (5ft) to jump into the down comforter that I wrap up in, ON the bed. I don't even turn the bed down because that would cause too much air space that might feel cold...so I curl up in the down comforter like a cocoon..Can't move my legs much...but oh well...I feel warm then. You might try it...otherwise..we have to wait it out is my thought on the subject! So there you have it!

sandiart said...

I have nothing else to suggest, sorry. I hate being cold, but it never gets that cold here, although I do have central heating. I want to come visit the UK, but I won't be there in winter, too cold for an Aussie like me.
Hope you get a little relief from the cold somehow.
xx Sandi

Jill said...

I am with you entirely - there is something about old houses that even with central heating it just doesn't cope with this very very cold weather (probably because we haven't altered the windows etc!! God forbid) - I don't know how many layers I have on I can hardly move! Keep putting on the logs!! it will get better!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

I can recommend menopause for getting warm...I have always been a very cold person and yet now I throw off the quilt, and am still wearing summer pj's....
Mind you the mood swings arn't so great!!

OhSoVintage said...

Love the last comment! Yes, hot flushes are welcome in the winter - my husband was horrified to find I had opened the patio doors wide open last night.

mackenzies lifestyle said...

oh i sympathise!! my cat has taken to snuggling up so close at night that he is literally smothering me! my daughter said, mum don't let hime seduce you into thinking he's into you, he's just freezing cold and your breath is like a little fan heater!! we are the same a cold cold exposed cottage in Yorkshire and we are freeeezing. the milk is having to stay in the kitchen as the fridge is in the adjoining old farm building(garage now) and its freezing up solid in the fridge!! the fridge is actually warmer than the room its sat in!! try a sheepskin deerstalker type hat, i havent had mine off for 3 weeks.

Bizzy Days said...

Cup-o-soups, and standing dead centre in the muck heap:0)

BusyLizzie said...

Wow, what a lot of comments you have here.. my answer in this freezing old house is to keep one room toasty (this one with the computer in..).. and when I get too cold I jump up & down ( a few star jumps then race through the house with the hoover!) a bit of housework soon gets the circulation going.. after that hot soup.....xxx

The English Writer said...

A Cath Kidston eiderdown. A little expensive, but I tell you, it really works, hope you're now xx

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