Wednesday, December 15

Victorian Family Register Sampler

This is the rather unusual Victorian Family Register Sampler
that I bought at Shepton flea market on Sunday

I know it was sentimentality rather than Sound Business Sense
that led to its purchase
(this is someone who's kept Christmas decorations from
every House Clearance we've done, and hangs them on the
VERY CROWDED tree each year!)

but the sight of that unwanted, redundant family history
standing forlornly in the cold tugged at my heartstrings

I'd quite like to keep it, but buying things to re-sell is
WHAT I DO (I have to keep reminding myself!)
and hopefully the sampler will find a new home
where it will be treasured once again. . .

but in the meantime it can spend Christmas along with us :))


ilovemyhouse said...

Hi dear, this is so lovely and sad at the same time. Somebody putting so much work in it, so glad you gave it a home for Christmas:).
You didn't win my give away but i wanted to send you a little something ( i hope before Christmas) anyway. Please write me an e mail with your adress so i can send it to you asap (the mailman is on strike here)

Have a peacefull evening

KC'sCourt! said...

A sampler is not just for Christmas! I love it too, I love samplers and love designing my own so I know what work went into it. Note to self - must watch for it if you ever decided to sell it.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

What a lovely - but sad in a way - thing. It would be lovely if someone were able to buy it who was related to, or knew, the family. Glad it's got a home for Christmas!

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Aren't they wonderful .... I've been doing a little research and it looks like the family lived in Stoke next Guildford, Surrey. Thomasina was living in Stoke with her parents James & Jane (father was a printer) in 1861. Hiram Sr was born in Pallishall, Bedfordshire so not far from me. He was living in Stoke in 1861 too so presume that was how they met. I love putting the meat on bones of old photos etc. Wonder how it ended up in Shepton. There was an exquisite one on the Georgians programme last week ... stitched by a 10 year old!

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Hi ... I have been doing the family tree for around 20 years now and have a subscription to and there is also a free website called FreeBMD (for births, marriages, deaths) . Your lovely sampler had a lot of info on it so it wasn't difficult to find the family. As for the chooks ... I have 5 Rhode Island Reds that have been with us since the beginning of November ... only two of them were laying really small eggs at first but now they are on Lala's diet they all lay every day and the eggs are much bigger. They have a mix of layers pellets, grit, maize mix and plenty of fresh fruit & veg including a handful of sweetcorn kernels each day. I also bake their eggshells and crush them up and feed them back to them. I did the same with my last group of ladies before Mr Fox got them in the Spring and they too laid every day come rain, snow or shine. If you need any help with the family research just give me a shout x

elegancemaison said...

I agree that it's beautiful and sad too. Sad that it has been lost to the family. Sad that it wasn't treasured enough. Rather like the old photos we all come across. I have never seen a family register sampler before so it's very interesting to learn about them, thank you!

Sylvia said...

This is so special, someone had a lot of work making it !
I'm always wondering about those people.
The Brabançonnes like their new house and I'm sure your Christmas decorations are great too !
Lovely wishes,

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Lalabibaby has beaten me to it - being a geneologist of many years when you see something like that you just have to poke around until you find out some information and put some meat on the bones of those that have gone before us. Brilliant find Elaine I too would hold onto that for a while.

Menopausal musing said...

What a gorgeous find. Glad you have kept it for a while after all the work that had gone into it in the past. It was meant to survive...... Also lovely to read that you keep the decorations from house clearances. I have won a box of vintage ones in a giveaway and there are all the different threads and strings that have been attached down the years still on them, grubby from age. I love the things..........

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's always sad to see items which should be treasured by a family being sold....I'm glad you have saved it! Maybe someone from that family will buy it from you - you never know!


bad penny said...

What a treasure - I have a very small family sampler which I love.

OhSoVintage said...

What a great find. It will be resting at your home for a while where it will be treasured until it finds its way to another home.

The English Writer said...

That's so lovely, so I'm glad it's having Christmas with you xx

Rose H (UK) said...

You sound a lot like me - no way would I have left it looking forlorn on its own. (It's really lovely). I used to sell at fairs, but still seem to have a lot of the stuff I bought to sell that never made it to the stall!

Serenata said...

Gosh that is a treasure and how wonderful that Lala has given us more information on it. Really makes these things come alive and so interesting as well as beautiful.

I would find it hard to part with!

Have a lovely Christmas.

Redbishop57 said...

Wow, I have only just found this. I was googling Pallishall, Bedfordshire,to find out where it was as my husband's great, great, great,grandfather Hiram John Cox was born there and this came up! Do you know what happened to the sampler?

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