Friday, December 3

yeay!! photos and The Giveaway winner!!

If you pop over to Vintage at the Village Hall blog there's
some pics (at last), links to pics on other sites. . .
and the winner of the Guess The Cakes Giveaway.

And now the hoo-ha has died down I promise to stop being boring and
get back to writing about daily life WITHOUT mentioning
that pesky Village Hall in every sentence!!


Country Style Living said...

The fair looks to be have been a great success, Well Done!!

ilovemyhouse said...

My dear friend, i am soo proud that you have turned this into a succes! So well deserved, i so wish i can be there next time. Have a happy, happy sunday.

Kim said...

You still have time Elaine...We're all off to Mr. Toast's 2nd Annual Christmas tea at Torosay Castle in Scotland. I am taking Ralph ever and very favorite actor who has graciously accepted my offer. It starts at 5pm your time. Grab a beautiful dress and a dreamy date and trot on over! Here is the link
Correction...time got away from will start at 6pm.

shirley said...

Nice new plumptious eiderdown header Miss Bunny

Vintage Tea Time said...

Love your new header - I'd like to dive right into it (or under it, in this weather!)

OhSoVintage said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all the photos. Well done!

John Gray said...

well done for your day!!!
as for the eiderdown in your banner photo
we have one EXACTLY the same!

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