Friday, April 30

Thru the Back Door

In common with most country homes,
everyone comes straight to the back door.

My Utility Room houses racks for coats and wellies and Bruce's tack,
and the washing machine tucked into a corner.

The carpet is sufficiently elderly that no-one is precious about muddy boots!

This old sewing-pattern cupboard is SO useful for keeping all the
household paraphanalia in one easy-to-find place.

A quirky old set of pencil drawings with handwritten captions,
still in their original "economy" Passepartout frames.

I love aged writing, and all my old signs have have gathered here
giving the room a loosely grouped theme. . .

. . .Estate Agent's sign. . .Edwardian shop window price label. . .

. . .a Bournemouth hotel guest-room list. . .

. . .this old theatrical trunk makes a roomy boot box.

Lots more drawers for hats gloves scarves, walking socks.
(Unintentionally this pic looks a bit "posed"!)

Kit's feather cushion on top with a grand view over the back garden.

She prefers to do Sentry Duty in the warm!

Wednesday, April 28

There it was, gone!

Bruce the Horse had been rolling in the dust, and not wanting to spend 45 minutes making him presentable enough to ride, I suggested a leisurely stroll instead.

He's an amiable walking companion, always listening intently to what could be seen as a rather one-sided conversation.
I put the camera in my pocket, hoping to catch sight of our resident Buzzard and off we set, admiring the lush grass on the verges (him more than me) and stopped to listen to our first cuckoo.

There, protected by the sheltering hedge was a wild Cowslip in full flower!
I told Bruce to stand very still, fixed my camera to macro and bent down to take the photo.
Successful 1st click, almost ready for the 2nd when a looming black cloud blotted the light. . .a row of large teeth reached down and. . .greedily ate the lot!
I know that we musn't Pick the Flowers. . .but is EATING them allowed?

ps afterwards I went back to check.  He hadn't pulled up the root, just "trimmed" the blooms

Sunday, April 25

New neighbours in the Nursery

This is the first glimpse of our new neighbours in the field this morning.

Understandably, the mothers were very protective of their new offspring,
so I kept my distance and made good use of the zoom on my new camera!

The small Nursery field has trees to give shade and shelter to the calves,

often the mothers will leave a creche of sleeping calves
under the watchful eye of an adult while they feed on the lush grass.

I'll do some more posts as they grow older.

Friday, April 23

Oh, thankyou!

How lovely; thankyou Maisey's Attic for the Kreative Blogger Tag.
At the outset I was concerned that my quirky lifestyle wouldn't be of interest, so the warm welcome and kind comments left by so many have been really encouraging.

In the spirit of the award for being creative, I'd like to pass this on to

em's shabby shack
looking ahead thru the rear view mirror
these foolish things
dollytub cottage
the kitsch and the curious

I know that some people prefer not to accept these tags, but I still wanted you to know that the time you spend creating such lovely blogs is much appreciated and admired.

So. . .to comply with my task,
7 things you didn't (want to) know about me. . .

I drive an old white pick-up truck affectionately called Mr P.

Unashamedly, I listen to the Archers.

I use Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings.
Yes, I know it's only flour and water but hers rise, taste nice and go golden while mine remain pasty Yorkshire Puddles.

Thermostatically, I'm the coldest person on the planet.
I loved my hot flushes because just for once I actually felt warm.

Other girls slavishly follow Elle or Vogue.
For me, it's the Damart Catalogue (see above).

My first pony was called Jimmy.
He cost 72 pounds and 10 shillings as a very mischevious 4 year old and lived well into his late thirties-retaining his wicked sense of humour to the end!
I fell off when I tried him out, but we still bought him because he was all we could afford!

I have the Edward Scissorhands approach to pruning so garden secateurs are under lock-and-key.

I'm number-dyslexic (I'm sure there's a legal name for it).
Show me figures and I go into meltdown.
(Is this 7 or 8?)

Tuesday, April 20

A workaholic doing nothing? Nah...

For a self-confessed workaholic, the words
DOING NOTHING are a total anathema.
And yet, here I am with no furniture to paint, no textiles to launder, no hats to steam, no photographs to take...and horror of horrors,
This strange idea of a (dare I whisper the word)
 h  o  l  i  d  a  y
came quite out of the blue.
One morning all was as normal...the next I woke up and didn't feel like working.
Completely flat, totally drained.
My get-up-and-go had simply gone.
As a great believer of listening to what your body says
(why does my body ALWAYS say more chocolate [and shoes])
I've decided to take it easier for a little bit.
No plans, no hard-and-fast rules, just see where a resting mind and body leads.
Unchartered territory here I come!

image: Simon Howden /

Sunday, April 18

Hello. . .and Goodbye!

Bruce the Horse was VERY interested in the camera when I turned him out in his field this morning.

Thinking it might be something edible, he scrutinised it minutely.

One click and a flash was enough to show him the error of his ways,  and off he scampered huffing and puffing with mock fear.

He completed a circuit of the field before settling down to the real business of the day. . .                           
. . .EATING!

Friday, April 16

bipso. . .desimagg. . .teditza. . .mirse. . .

Upligtod. . .oimergu. . .squry. . .grynag.
Who thinks of the words for the anti-spam code?
I have visions of a little man wearing an anorak and fingerless mittens, hunched over a desk on the very VERY top floor of a city office block.  
Sandwiches and a hot thermos by his side to see him through the long working day.
Dictionary in hand, he meticulously checks every word to make certain it's not a "real" one.
Does he ever mistakenly make a real one? In any language? 
Each day he has to write enough words to last us all through the night, and next morning he's back at his desk to start again- no holidays, no sick leave, just an eternal list of un-words.
Gronk. . .frunget. . .halsedab. . .shemoc.
You'd never want to play scrabble with him would you?

p.s. . .the best one for me was. . .bunces :)))

Thursday, April 15

The FIRST bluebell!

I decided not to take the camera on my early morning walk.
Tranquility and Being Centred was my resolution, and getting up an hour earlier simply to take photos didn't quite give me the same amount of righteousness throughout the day!
So, Ted was certainly surprised when I came running down the drive 20 minutes after I'd set out, gasping

To me, bluebells say that winter has well and truly gone. Summer is on it's way full of anticipation for warm days, balmy evenings and the happiness that sunshine brings.

This photo is especially for
who misses the bluebells she had in her garden.

Tiny ferns were uncurling amongst the sheltering ivy.

The church was bathed in early morning light

I surprised the cattle, who thought I was bringing their breakfast

but the most beautiful sight was my favourite chestnut tree
coming into leaf.

I can see this tree from my kitchen window and I never tire
of watching how it changes throughout the seasons.
Its just magnificent!

I'll do tranquil and calm tomorrow-
today I'm happy I've shared these pictures x

Monday, April 12

Hey Ho for the Open Road


Quite surprised but utterly charmed when I came home at lunchtime to find a gypsy caravan parked-up on the grass verge.

The owner explained that he and his young family spent at least 10 months each year living in the bow topped wagon.

The two horses were tethered on fresh grass each day and grazed happily.
Plenty of water was within easy reach.

Such a wonderfully romantic notion, travelling the countryside and living the gypsy life.

    The wagon had decorative painted detail at the back- it didn't feel polite to go nearer for close-up shots

I spent the afternoon feeling like Toad musing in the Wind and the Willows...A life on the open road, there's nothing like it...but came back down to earth when I switched on the computer and ran a hot bath...

Sunday, April 11

Shoppin' over for this year!

Winter has been soooo long,
and with the sunny days now here
I felt a treat was due,
and decided a spot of retail therapy was the order of the day.

Unless it's for stock, I'm not a great fan of shopping, fighting crowds, cramped changing rooms or Bournemouth but sometimes a girl has to embrace her Inner Princess and hit the stores!

First stop at Beales soothed my conscience with some bright new cleaning tools all with 25% off.
Bring on the dusting!

H &M is my favourite for re-stocking
basic tees and vest tops
and of course M & S for knickers.
Yet more pink and blue but hey- if it works, stick to it.

Fit flops for toned everything (yeah!)
and Ruby & Millie nail polish for toesies to match

                                      These cute Laceys Kit shoes were too comfy to leave behind!

                      Another pink sweater, and straight-leg trousers with turn-ups from the brilliant
love-it-or-hate-it TK Maxx
                The trousers go perfectly with the little vintage blouse I bought on Sunday from Lizzie.

                    Neals Yard and Burts Bees creams to get hands and feet presentable for summer.

                      A darling little vintage plastic popper-bead necklace to go with the pink sweater,
                  and a vintage plastic go...with the necklace.

                       My trusty old Kodak is held together with sellotape, so I made a major but long overdue purchase of a new Panasonic Lumix camera.
                                   Because I so hate any new tchnology,
I bought a bottle of fizz to celebrate if/when I get to grips with the instructions :(

And lastly, to ensure that I sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine, Around the World on Two Wheels
with enough chocolate to see me through to the very last chapter!

Thursday, April 8

Large, Medium, Small. . .and Tiny

Weeks of
nest building,
endless housework.
Corn for colour,
layers pellets for protein, oyster-shell for strength.
Hovis wholemeal for treats- after all, she was eating for...
maybe half a dozen?
The whole world had to know:
Hennypenny would  SHORTLY BE LAYING AN EGG.

Every morning she tut-tutted over Martinas contribution, with the know-it-all authority of an old pro who had been-there-and-done-that more times than she cared to remember.

And today (imagine a trumpet fanfare here) it was nestling in the straw.
Hennypenny resting in the warm glow of maternal pride, deaf to Martina's scorn.
Ok so it was tiny, but was it really neccessary to state the obvious Martina?
I gathered the eggS (at this rate I'll need a basket) taking time to thank BOTH hens for their precious gifts.

Tuesday, April 6

Midnight visitor

Unless she's on call for Mouse Patrol, Kit spends the evening in front of the woodburner.
At bedtime she sleeps in the utility room, on a plump feather cushion next to the radiator with a cat flap out to the garden.

Last night at half-past-midnight I was rudely woken by a whiskery kiss (Ted was soundly snoring) as Kit tried to make a nest on my pillow.
So where had she been hiding?

Because our bathroom is so tiny,
I've curtained off the eaves to make extra storage over the hot water pipes.

Reaching in this morning for fresh soap...

...I came across Kit curled up on the bath mats.

If I expected remorse I was disappointed- she made ME
feel guilty for disturbing her nap!

A yawn and a stretch and she went in search of fresh hidey-holes

but I shall remember tonight to check out her little curtained boudoir!

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