Thursday, May 27


I brought a stack of these fab, original 1970s
Vintage wooden Coca-Cola crates
back with me from our holiday in New York.

(yes I know most people's holiday souvenirs
are somewhat smaller, lighter and easier to pack. . .)

I've kept some as quirky Retro kitchen storage,
and listed the rest for sale this week
over on tedandbunny.

As soon as I took them outside to photograph,
Hennypenny decided to investigate
a high-rise nest box.

Prospective buyers rest assured
that the crates come WITHOUT
a slightly batty ex-bat hen!

Saturday, May 22

Heaven on Earth

When I awoke this morning I knew
I had to go walking.

For once, our Saturday morning fleamarket held no allure

and as the promise of a summer's day unfolded

I stepped quietly with nature.

Dappled light on dandelion clocks,

the pungent scent of wild garlic

and a ladybird, doing her morning chores.

Across the open fields

where backlit by a perfect blue sky, pylons stride

like magnificent metal monsters.

And then the cool sweet serenity

as I walked deep into
The Bluebell Woods.

Birdsong of exquisite clarity

harmonised by the drone of humming bees.

The air so thick with the scent
of bluebells in full bloom

that it must surely seep into the very
centre of your soul.

I sat here for a long, long time.
Truly, this must be heaven on earth?

Wednesday, May 19

Up on the roof

The great thing about our Manhattan hotel
was the roof terrace.
With unexpectedly warm weather
we made good use of it for huge deli brunches
and pre-supper drinks!

Wanting to be "in the moment" when out-and-about
rather than watching through a camera lens
means I'm not a great picture taker,
so it was perfect to have relaxed time
for photographing the skyline and city life.

Everything about New York was simply breathtaking-
the size, the noise, the bustle, the sheer volume of people-
and after wandering the streets of
Chinatown, Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and battling through Bloomingdales and Macys
the terrace was a good place
 to escape the sensory overload
and re-charge ready for the next onslaught.

Someone here painting a window,
eight floors from the top.

This huge bank took up half a block.
Like so many of the old buildings,
it has decorative details around the roofline.

I was surprised how many tall buildings
had houses built on the top,
it was like a rooftop village!

Such a vibrant city, but still with a feeling of community-
thankyou New York for making us
so very VERY welcome!

Monday, May 17

As only a tortie cat can. . .

Sometimes. . .

. . .try as you might. . .

. . .you just can't quite. . .

. . .get comfy. . .

(8 more lives like this one please. . .)

Saturday, May 15

a REAL OLD American Diner

I absolutely ADORE old American Diners-
all that red vinyl and chrome.
For me, it's the unexpected discoveries that become
the most treasured memories,
and this was like stepping back into a 1950s timewarp.

Our last night in New York was Ted's birthday
and we celebrated with a champagne party
on the rooftop terrace of our hotel
so the early start next morning saw me
with a raging hangover!

We departed the city via the Lincoln Tunnel,
drove through Delaware
and into Virginia where we left the freeway.

Gasping for coffee, this wonderful Diner appeared like a roadside oasis!

Strong black coffee and waffles
cured my throbbing headache,
as I tried not to look at Ted's
eggs-over-easy on French toast!

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name or exact location of the Diner,
but I will be forever grateful as we drove with fresh vigour
towards our next stop at Virginia Beach.

p.s. . .Ted's birthday cupcakes were delish!


Thursday, May 13

New York New York!

We've just got back from New York
(oh the airport delays, oh the jetlag!)

The city was better than anything I had EVER imagined!

I'll tell you our adventures and show you the scrummy things I bought when I've caught up with sleep!
I'm sure you've seen enough photos of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square, and there was so much people-watching to do I didn't take many
pics. . . but I just HAD to show you this dress shop window display
. . .newspaper
. . .denim
. . .Burberry
. . .fabulous!

Wednesday, May 12

An eye patch and a goatee?


well. . . it made me smile!

Saturday, May 8

Thankyou Debbie

A very BIG thankyou to Debbie at
 Home thoughts from Vintage Wants  for the
"I love Your Blog" tag.

Thoughtful sentiments are always very much appreciated, but I found it impossible to choose 10 sites that I love more than others to pass it on, so I'm simply sending it to all the fabulous blogs I follow- the entire list is here.

Thanks to all of you for making me smile, and for sharing your thoughts, lives, photos, mishaps and anecdotes.

Thursday, May 6

Faded flags & tabby kittens

Truth to tell this post isn't about very much at all!

I saw this sweet 1930's postcard
its called UNDER the UNION JACK
it was only 99p.
I just had to buy it.
Faded flags and tabby kittens
two of my favourite things.

Just thought you might like it too
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