Saturday, July 31


So, after spending nearly a month confined to your loosebox

being pampered, cossetted, massaged and groomed

any self-respecting horse MUST spend

their fist few minutes of freedom

getting as dirty as possible

passing a comment or two on the current state of affairs

before getting down to the serious business of EATING!

Wednesday, July 28

The Anonymous Travelling Market

A real hidden gem, the privately owned house Deans Court 
is tucked away completely out of sight in my little Dorset town of  Wimborne Minster.

Peacocks nonchalantly strolling down the High Street and stopping traffic
are the only clue to a grand country house nearby!

Owned by the Hanham family the house has very limited public opening,
so when the gardens played host to

it was the perfect opportunity for a peek behind closed gates!

I would just LOVE a herb garden like this one.
Sited in the sun at the back of the house

complete with statues, terraced seating and a bell mounted on the wall!

The extensive grounds are planted with exotic trees-
I'd love to know what these are?

this one was exceptionally heavily scented

Coffee and homemade cakes were served outside the little cellar tea room

while other people sat under colourful umbrellas on the grass

listening to live music from The Bell Street Jazz Band.

Coffee was also being served from this hearse

 bottlecap jewellery by Joanna Jacobs as featured in
Country Living Magazine
(she didn't want me to take closer photos. . .)

had some gorgeously pungent smoked garlic heads

and this lady was selling Vintage jugs, innovatively boxed with packets
of home-made scented pot-pourri.

The Anonymous Travelling Market is a group of around 50 eclectic stalls
selling arts, crafts, food, jewellery and vintage clothing which journeys
through Dorset.

A tasting session at Cider by Rosie was an instant hit with Ted
and a few bottles came home with us
(the dry cider was a bit "rustic" for me,
so fingers crossed for the the cider champagne!)

Some of the BEST EVER vegetarian food that I have tasted
came from The Parsnipship.
 I bought Melted Mozzarella and Lentil Pudding,
Roasted Beetroot and Feta Cheese Balls
and Indian Spiced Savoury Summer Pudding.
 My freezer (and tum) are now WELL stocked!

These colourful parasols, and the larger table umbrellas came from 1770

re:Made was having her first ever stall-
the cute little cakes and tea cosies are hand-knitted

and I loved Sarah Robinson Designs

but who could possibly refuse this fabulous organic veg,
picked that morning from Deans Court's own gardens!

Monday, July 26

A muted pallette

The countryside is never boring, but certain months of the year bring a more uniform colour palette,  most noticeably harvest time. . .

so this morning I was very pleased to see these little poppies. . .

flowering like red lippy on the landscape!

Saturday, July 24

Apples apples apples

There's a small area of wasteland near Bruce's stable which used to be an orchard.

Three elderly and mis-shapen apple trees are all that remain, struggling through poor soil to compete with overgrown weeds.

Have you EVER seen so many apples growing on one spindly branch?

I'm surprised it can hold all that weight!

It looks like Bruce won't be short of a treat or two :)

Thursday, July 22


When I first wrote about finding a way to still mind, it was primarily because if I published the notion then I would have to complete it.
I'm unsure why my thoughts would be interesting to people I've never met, so I hadn't expected such messages of support and kindness. Thank you!

I just love being busy; the days are never long enough for all I have planned and yes, I do take time to "smell the roses" (or in my case smell the horses!) but however much the body relaxes, the mind still keeps hammering full steam ahead.
I tried meditation groups, but come evening-class time I'm only fit for sleep.
I read self-help books but lacked confidence to swap an important/enjoyable task for sitting still and attempting to organise my distracted mind- thinking I'd fail, it was easier not to try.
I want to be Mindful, but find it impossible to focus just on the task in hand.

This time I've gone for a different approach . . . I'm only fooling myself but if I say it quietly I might not hear (shhhh)

I love my Tedandbunny Vintage business, and always looking for ways to improve and grow, I'm treating this as a work task. Just because it's only me in the workplace doesn't mean I can't have employee empowerment!
After early-morning chores I'm at my computer by 8 a.m.
Answer emails, check eBay, upload photos, pay bills.
Click on Get Some Headspace, listen to the nice man on the screen guiding me through the progressive process.
I don't even have to leave my desk.

I want to get back to being focused and organised. I want to stop rushing. I want time to be creative and time to relax and time to enjoy what I'm doing instead of always thinking about the next thing on the list.
Just by starting the Headspace meditation I feel I'm gaining control, and in the past few days I've learnt that when the thoughts come in I can just let them go.

Yesterday, I took the veg to prepare for supper out into the garden. Sitting quietly enjoying the warmth of the evening sun while I podded and peeled, my mind sat silently with me for several minutes.
I know it's a small start but for me this is HUGE progress!

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted"

Monday, July 19

Towards a Still Mind

Today, I've done what I keep putting off.

It may not sound like a big step to you but I'm positively a-glow with Good Intentions.

Drained of energy, I realised yet again how much time I spend rushing around in my mind, and its exhausting me.
Even when I'm doing, I'm thinking about doing something else or about what I should have done, or could have done or what I did wrong or how I could do it differently.
Not to mention all the ideas and plans and schemes for both home and business. . .
That inner voice simply will not stop.

I would like to take a holiday from myself.

I try to be aware of Mindfulness and then become frustrated because the thoughts still keeping surging in, all shouting ME ME ME and I use "switch-off time" (i.e bedtime. . .bad idea) to catch up with the important things I didn't have time to think about because my mind was so busy with trivia clamouring to be processed.

So, fed-up with repeating the tired old mantra
"I'll sort out some me-time and learn how to be calmer",  this morning I followed a link sent by a friend (how well she knows me) to
Get Some Headspace
and registered for the 10 day led-meditation which is free.

My overdue journey towards a still mind couldn't have been simpler.

Just 10 minutes a day they say.
I'll let you know how much difference it makes.
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