Saturday, September 25

Vintage at the Village Hall

Well dear hearts, here it is- cue the trumpets, cut the ribbon. . .
the grand unveiling of my TA-RA moment!

Quite a while back I had a hankering to hold at "at home" selling day
but living quite literally in the middle of a field,
the logistics of getting everyone down the track and safely parked
if the ground was wet made it a non-starter!

My mind wandered to our local village hall which could
comfortably accomodate a group of sellers, but the idea
of holding my own FAIR was a bit daunting.
 A couple of weeks ago while reminiscing with Shirley in France
about the "good old days" when we did fairs and had shops,
(memory certainly casts a rosier hue doesn't it!)
we both decided we needed something quite different
from our normal eBay routine and had a hankering to
sell to "real people" once again.
"Oh I'll hold my Vintage Fair then"
"Well if you do, I'll come over from France and sell!"

So I put the phone down, booked the venue and we have

So far 8 stands are booked, with details over on the
so take a peek, tell me what you think
(always tell me what you think- you're my "collective muse")
contact me quickly if you want to sell. . .
but most of all, if you possibly can. . .


Thursday, September 23

Just a quickie!

 I've missed visiting your posts recently,
but I've been rather busy setting-up an exciting new project
which I'll reveal at the weekend (cue: TA-RA fanfare!)

Thankyou all for the kind comments you leave for me-
I read them, I love them, and I really do appreciate them :))

In the meantime I just wanted to show you these adorable
little items that finish on my tedandbunny eBay auctions this coming Saturday.

(I confess I've had a hard time parting with the pink plastic dolly pram)
The panel of embroideredy originally destined to
decorate a 1930s dress is exquisite,
and the vintage green leather drawstring dollybag is full of
darning threads, and comes complete with wooden darning mushroom,
scissors, thimble and large darning needle! 

Thursday, September 16

Vintage caravans at the Great Dorset Steam Fair

The first day of the Great Dorset Steam Fair at
the beginning of September is a favourite fixture 
in our calendar every year!

The mammoth event is held only 20 minutes away
so we arrive really early and only leave
when our weary legs are unable to walk another step.

The GDSF website shows you panoramic views of the vast site
but I thought you'd like a personal peek at these
gorgeous Vintage Caravans

This Bluebird caravan has a beautiful
leaded light front door.

I love the thought of staying in a caravan like this
for the whole Steam Fair week
 (in my fantasy the weather is always perfect!)

Below are photos of an original Airstream

which the owner had shipped over from USA and left in
"as found" condition while he lived in it.
 Restoration was due to start next year-
a real labour of love!

An original Showman's wagon with the most
comfy interior ever. . .

this is what I call travelling in style!

Tomorrow we're off to Goodwood Revival- YAY
so you know what my next post will be about :)))))))

Monday, September 13

Birds of a Feather

They say owners look like their pets
so where does that leave me. . .

with a floppy comb-over a la Henny
or hairy ears and whiskery chin like Bruce?
[don't even THINK about answering that!]!!

just couldn't resist taking this photo at a recent Country Fair.

Saturday, September 11

Giveaway winners(s) & and hug!

Firstly, to all of you who entered my Giveaway,
I'd like to send a HUGE hug!
I love doing Giveaways because, in my own way I feel it says
thank you to everyone for your lovely comments
which are always read and appreciated, even when I don't get a chance
to visit you personally and reciprocate.
I never knew blogging would be so time-consuming with
such wonderful stories to read!

You may remember that the last Giveaway was drawn by Henny,
but she's still feeling a little "under the weather"
so I used the tried-&-tested method of dipping in a hat.

 The winner is Serenata! at The Balancing Kiwi

Finding more little vintage treats in the linen cupboard,
 I'd also like to send some lace to Sarah at Red Gingham for her
patchwork project (would love to see some pics when you begin)
fabric to Marina at A Crafting Journal for her hexagons
and a "little something" to Nato at Le Temps des Lavandes in Beirut
just because she SO loves vintage!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Friday, September 10

Last day for GIVEAWAY. . .&. . .Girly Gorgeous on eBay!!

handstitched vintage patchwork knitting /grab bag with wooden handles
the MOST delicious vintage pink floral feather eiderdown quilt
Antique Salvation Army bonnet
quirky 1950s mannequin display head
tote bag, handmade with antique French textiles
1947 Patience Strong embroidered Royal Wedding sampler
all just listed on tedandbunny eBay auction site

Don't forget!!
Today is the last day to enter my Lacy Linen Giveaway!
Just leave a comment to go into the draw tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 7

Vintage Blog Shop- OPEN for BUSINESS!

As most of you know I've been happily selling on eBay for over eight years now, and although there are sidebar links to my auction site I've tried to steer away from making this blog a purely commercial exercise, really enjoying sharing my stories with you, and reading all of yours!

I've been thinking for ages about also selling my vintage finds from my website, but decided instead to open a little Vintage Blog Shop and I hope you'll take the time to have a peek.

I would REALLY appreciate your feedback. . .do you think it should be more "professional". . .would you like to see more photos or a lengthier description. . .do you think the buying arrangements are adequate or would you prefer a Paypal button. . .what type of things would you like to see for sale. . .would you like categories separated onto different pages. . .and would you mind if every few weeks I showed you the new items for sale?

Please please PLEASE tell me (honestly) what you think- if you don't want to leave a comment, my email address is on the sidebar.
Thank you all so much for your support xx
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