Friday, October 29

Nature's Eye Candy

Out early one morning last week before the frosts came,
I noticed these exquisite berries
entwined around a tree trunk, climbing towards
the light through the gloom of a shady copse

I don't know what the plant is, although
I see it nestling in many of the hedgerows
on my journeys through the countryside

In a predominant swathe of greenery
the vibrant red caught my eye, making me
stop and stare with awe and admiration
for the blessings that nature provides,
if only we take the TIME to see. . .

(note to self: I must slow down more often)

Monday, October 25

The Vintage Bazaar in Frome- NEXT SATURDAY!!

Because my memory is so bad I meticulously
write important appointments and dates in my diary.
Turning the page on Monday morning to see what the
week has in store brings either a grimace or a smile,
and this morning was a HUGE smile because
I'm really looking forward to going to Frome
next Saturday for The Vintage Bazaar.

The list of stallholders is amazing
and there's so many people I want to meet
in "real-life" after following their blog
adventures and stories.
Lizzie and Clare came up with the idea of a
Vintage Bazaar as a perfect venue to sell
vintage clothing, vintage textiles, homewares
and Clare's fabulous cloche hats.

The fair is full and the impressive list of sellers means this is
going to be THE Vintage Event of the year!

The date is Saturday October 30th 2010
9am to 3pm
The Vintage Bazaar blog gives all the news
about the event.

See you there!!

Thursday, October 21

Kit the cat

Kit, taking a moment to enjoy the autumn evening sun on the front porch

Although she may only be a farm cat of humble origins (mother was something of a tart and father the local Lothario- he didn't stick around) somehow she knows that the Egyptians worshipped their cats. . .and believes in reminding us at every opportunity!

"I love my cats because I love my home, and little by little they become its visible soul."

- Jean Cocteau

Saturday, October 16

"A Hitch in My Giddyup"

Kim, over at Looking Ahead Through the Rear View Mirror left a comment on my post about Shepton Fleamarket that included the charming sentence ". . .but I might get a hitch in my giddyup"

A Hitch in My Giddyup

The more I say it, the more I like it. . .my new phrase for the week :)

Monday, October 11

Shabby Shepton :)

A lovely day at the Shepton Fleamarket yesterday!

I was in a rush first thing to deliver Vintage at the Village Hall flyers to
Lizzy and Tracey but (literally!) fell over two French Mannequins
on the way inside and was amazed that they were both within my budget.
I've stripped one ready to re-cover, but the linen on the other is
just TOTALLY divine, and she'll be featuring on some photocalls
before her selling debut at my Vintage Fair in November. . .
at least I get to call her my own until then :)
In the photograph above she's with with a mannequin
I've decoupaged in Victorian pages from The Lady magazine-
the little downstairs hall corner makes a perfect manni stop-off point!

As always Lizzy's stand was full of girly-gorgeousness
and I treated myself to an adorable pink painted French hatstand
decorated with tiny rosebuds, which I had intended to keep
until I saw Bruce's vets bill which arrived this morning!

Ted bought a huge pile of VERY faded and VERY shabby old
Union Jack flags, which I'll be listing on Tedandbunny eBay.
I really love this perfectly aged look and know that others
 will share my enthusiasm!

My favourite purchase was a Guest House Visitors Book
running from 1928 until the outbreak of war in 1939.
Somehow the simple comments and copperplate writing
give it an added poignancy- I can't quite explain why it
feels so special, but I'm keeping it to myself for a while
and imagining who the people were. . .
I'll do a post all about it when I'm ready to share.

Apart from the sharp wind the weather was kind.
 We bumped in to some old friends and compared purchases,
but unfortunately criss-crossed and missing seeing Denise-
take a look at her post about the little coffee table she bought,
its a real 60s delight.

We came away around 3pm happy, penniless and tired. . .
but of course once we got home I had to unwrap EVERYTHING
once again, and spend the evening arranging and re-arranging.
I love my job!

Tuesday, October 5

gorgeous buttons!

I make no excuses- I just HAD to show you these
stunning buttons I've just listed on ebay tedandbunny.

Art Deco and Victorian, there are some pairs, sets of three
and singles, and the quality of the huge antique
mother o' pearl buttons is stunning.
I wish I could keep them ALL!

Friday, October 1

Donna and Ann. . .fabrics and a fair

During the past 8 years selling as tedandbunny on eBay
I've been blessed with lots of regular buyers, but it wasn't until
I started blogging that I've actually met many of them
 in person, or chatted informally through
emails and blog comments.

Donna Flower, with her heavenly textile website of the same name
was one of my first eBay customers when she bought
a length of fabric that I had treasured for years.
This set the tone for all her purchases because each time I parted
with a former resident of my own stash, off it went to Donna!

We eventually met at the Dairy House Textile Open Day
earlier this year (next one is booked for April 2011)
and had time for a quick hello, but as I was busy buying
and she was overwhelmed with customers,
 there was just a brief conversation
"over our shoulders" as often is the case in this business!
Alas, Donna is unable to come to Vintage at the Village Hall
this time, but as for future dates. . . ;-))

Another eBay customer who I have come to know better
through her lovely blog is Annie over at
The Northampton Vintage and Homemade Fair on Oct 23rd

Annie bought a stunning 1920s sewing bag from me on eBay
many years ago, which I always regretted selling until the magic moment
earlier this year when I began blogging, and she emailed me
to say it was one of her most treasured possessions!
So happy it had landed somewhere so appreciative :))

One thing that I've never mentioned to Ann is that I was
actually born in Northampton and next time I visit relatives,
perhaps we could meet up (and I could see The Bag once again!!)

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