Friday, November 26

Vintage at the Village Hall...Monday 29th

My Vintage Fair is happening on Monday 29th, 10am - 5pm

here at our local Village Hall,
Pamphill Parish Hall, Abbott Street, Wimborne Minster, Dorset  BH21 4ED

all the details are over on the Vintage at the Village Hall blog

where you can also enter a fab Giveaway to guess the amount of cakes
we'll serve on the day!

I feel both excited and nervous because interest in the fair
has completely exceeded all my expectations.

I've also been quite overwhelmed by all the help,
support and messages of encouragement I've received
from so many people- many whom I've never even met!

I'll be back next week to tell you how it went,
please keep fingers crossed that we don't have snow!!

Thursday, November 25

Thanks. Giving.


On paper, they're only two small words made up of six little random letters.
So how come by the time they've gone in through your eyes, across to your brain and down to your heart they have such a powerful force?

Sunday, November 21

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No. . .

the dark shape soaring through the air is a 16 year old black cob (who should know better by now), ruled by his tummy deciding that true to the saying, the grass IS always greener on the other side

and with the greatest of ease popping out of his paddock over 3ft of  electric fence which is run off the mains making it VERY POKEY!! (I can vouch for that last statement personally- ouch!!)
to gorge himself in the "resting" field.

My name is Bruce. . .

and. . .

I'm a. . .


Somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
feed me!!!!!!

(I can tell you, my heart stopped beating when I went to fetch him in yesterday and he wasn't there)

Friday, November 19

ooooooo. ..Used-to-Bees gorgeous giveaway prize!

These are the absolutely DARLING little treasures,
that I won in the gorgeous giveaway from Alix

An old-fashioned Masons soap dish,
and lovingly handmade hankie sachet, pincushion,
needle case and tape-measure cover. . .

all SO beautifully wrapped it felt like
Christmas had come early!!
Thank you very very much Alix- your thoughtfulness
added a cheery lift to a dreary grey day!

Wednesday, November 17

not quite Jimmy Choos. . .Bruce's new shoes

I spend more on Bruce's shoes than I would ever dream
of spending on mine. . .

The farrier's van is a fully fitted mobile forge

Bruce's farrier Kirk Dexter calls every 6 weeks to apply a new set of shoes.
Bruce stands patiently; nothing in the shoeing process is painful
and Kirk is very calm and considerate

the shoes take about an hour and a half to fit. . . 
tea drinking and gossip takes a bit longer!


and last but not least. . .the most important person
Stanley the farrier's terrier!

Sunday, November 14

I didn't remember at 11 o'clock. . .

I didn't remember for two minutes at eleven o'clock

 They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

I remembered last night, when the sky was ablaze with red and the beauty took your breath away

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

I remembered, riding out on Bruce in the peace of the early Autumn morning

We will remember them

and it made me sad

Friday, November 12

Christmas Spirit slowly seeping in. . .

I wasn't feeling very Christmassy. . .

stuck in a rather "bah-humbug-
 not-that-time-of-year-again" kinda mood. . .

then I thought I'd better get cracking with my

and found these vintage honeycomb decorations
in the stock room. . .

their simple jollity makes me smile
and feel a little more ho-ho-ho around the edges. . .

I feel simplicity rather than austerity
is the theme
for our Christmas this year
like many others, money is certainly tighter than ever before
and my gifts will either be quirky little vintage finds
or home-baked goodies
given with love

(no last-minute-panic-dash round John Lewis then!!)

Monday, November 8

one of my favourite things

In the cold grey dawn this morning I felt a tad November-ish.

Rather a lot to do so I started early.
Once the REALLY pressing things were out of the way
I gravitated towards the cosiness of Blogland and my second cuppa,
and yes I DO know the downfall of the self-employed is discipline!

I wanted to tell you about something other than
eBay or Vintage at the Village Hall, but I've been nowhere
exciting nor accomplished feats of daring-do.

The plaster figure above is from the remains 
of an antique wall fresco. She was once an
incredibly beautiful lady riding side-saddle. . .
alas when the room was demolished
she was roughly removed but I've treasured her for years
as she lays on my desk, literally a "piece" of history.
Held together behind with wire staples
she may be "damaged" in the eyes of others
but to me she's Faded Grandeur of the nicest kind!

Monday, November 1


If you pop over to my other blog
you'll find out how to enter the quirkiest Giveaway ever!!

Go see- I know you'll LOVE it!
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