Friday, December 31

Tomorrow is Another Year. . .

Not often do I have a moan, nor do I wish to use this blog to offload my miseries but they say it's good to share. . .

I got in the pick-up to drive off, remembered to unload the sack of chicken feed and reversed back to the gate. Unfortunately I forgot Ted's car was parked behind me.
Well no, I didn't FORGET I just didn't LOOK
A large 4 x 4 rear bumper shoved through light clusters and radiator is not a good look for a Mercedes.

2 eBay parcels destined as Christmas presents have not arrived at their destination, despite queuing in the PO for 45 minutes on consecutive days in order to get them sent out promptly.
Both buyers declined the option of Special Delivery.
You know there were mail problems and bad weather, I know there were mail problems and bad weather (believe me I know!) but both buyers are unfairly threatening negative feedback, which I really REALLY
don't want.

The date I wanted to hold the next Vintage Fair at the Village Hall in March is already booked, dates in April are very full with other fairs and I don't know whether to change the venue?
(Your input would be appreciated here)

My printer refused point blank to obey instructions one time too many
It was willful from the day it arrived.
A clash of personalities? No, just the most obnoxious, laziest printer in the world.
It had a good life, frequently fed with lovely cream paper (which it spat out for a pastime) and plenty of ink (if you could actually manage to fit a cartridge in).
It sat on the floor underneath my desk. Just by my feet. I'm not a violent person but. . .

I have a tooth abscess. Not what I wanted for New Years Eve.
I've looked through the fashion mags- dresses to disguise pear shapes, apple shapes, boyish shapes, busty shapes.
Nowhere does it tell you how to draw the eye away from gobstopper shapes.
Bring on the early night!

So, as 2010 comes to an end maybe my slate is clear for a brilliant 2011?
with a slight change to that immortal line. . ."Tomorrow is Another Year"

wishing you all the happiest of Happy New Years- may 2011 bring everything you want xx

Monday, December 27

Winging it?

Somewhere in the depths of my pre-Christmas-fuzzy-brain (ok, I can't blame ALL the fuzz on Christmas) I remember glancing at an article in the paper about the surprising number of people recognising Guardian Angels.
I don't have a rock of organised religion; simply acknowledging and appreciating the miracles of everyday life is for me, a better vehicle to convey thanks to a Higher Being, but I know that when I've asked, assistance has come from somewhere I can't explain.

At first I thought it was my mum, but lately I've not been so sure.
Neither Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life, an aged gent enveloped in feathery white wings nor a nun-like vision bathed in twilight glow quite fit this helping hand, so maybe I'm not supposed to see, just know?

My earthy (some would say staid) star-sign ensures a practical no-nonsense approach, so "coming out" on the angel front is quite trepidatious. . .but if the newspaper is to be believed (!) I can't be the only one?

Thursday, December 23

the calm before the storm. . .

Looking at my kitchen first thing this morning
in the calm early morning light

it seemed it too was mentally preparing itself for the
Seasonal Storm of baking and cooking

about to be unleashed in a mad flurry
of excitement and anticipation, when every
available surface will be covered
with the preparation of Christmas Delights. . .
I'm the untidiest cook EVER!

For me, this just-me-and-my-kitchen time
 is guaranteed to put me "in the mood" for Christmas,
which has been strangely absent these past few weeks.

Deft juggling of oven space means the Rayburn
will roast beef, chicken, potatoes and veg on Christmas Day
while the pud warms in the simmering oven
and the sprouts, red cabbage and citrus combos
sit on the hotplate

but this morning it's time to bake
Ted's Special Chocolate Cake, do the trifle sponge,
boil the ham, prepare a mountain of veg
and make sweet treats for visitors
who may drop by, now that the clearing snow
makes our lane accessible
(postie please note- you can now deliver!)

For me the culinary highlight is not turkey and trimmings
but Boxing Day lunch-
as Lizzie and I decided, without Christmas
you just couldn't have Bubble and Squeak!

Our table will be festively dressed as we sit down
to dinner early Christmas evening after settling the animals.

We have a toast to absent friends, and to our
lovely family who are sadly no longer with us.

However you spend your Christmastime,
I send you very kindest wishes and
hope the forthcoming New Year will bring
nothing but happiness

Monday, December 20

sorry Bruce. . .I couldn't resist!

(yes I know, I've obviously got too much time on my hands!)
ps Julie's just emailed to say are we going to call him Brudolph :))

Saturday, December 18

Snowy muzz

Bruce has a cold and snowny muzz because

although putting his morning hay in a dry container

seemed like a good idea at the time

he obviously prefers it

on the cold/wet/snowy/muddy ground

oh well!

We awoke to a complete white-out here-
incredibly beautiful now that the sun is shining.
Wishing you all a warm and happy weekend xx

Wednesday, December 15

Victorian Family Register Sampler

This is the rather unusual Victorian Family Register Sampler
that I bought at Shepton flea market on Sunday

I know it was sentimentality rather than Sound Business Sense
that led to its purchase
(this is someone who's kept Christmas decorations from
every House Clearance we've done, and hangs them on the
VERY CROWDED tree each year!)

but the sight of that unwanted, redundant family history
standing forlornly in the cold tugged at my heartstrings

I'd quite like to keep it, but buying things to re-sell is
WHAT I DO (I have to keep reminding myself!)
and hopefully the sampler will find a new home
where it will be treasured once again. . .

but in the meantime it can spend Christmas along with us :))

Monday, December 13

Sweetly Smocked

A pleasant time was spent wandering in the winter sunshine yesterday
at Shepton Mallet flea market.

 I (literally) bumped into dear Denise looking GORGEOUS in a
sequined silver hat,
spent ages talking to Liz who has a stall inside, and Shirley who was
selling outside with her daughter, but alas found very little to buy
which was annoying, because although I do love looking and chatting
it was a Working Day and I was low on stock.
Apart from a rather unusual Family Register sampler dating from the 1800's
(more about that later when I can bear to share)
I didn't feel very inspired and was disappointed
to come away with only 4 purchases!

Sorting through the linen cupboard later in the afternoon
for fabric I'd promised to show Sandie over at  Rag Rescue
(if you've not seen the site before, go NOW- it's an absolute MUST)
I found these sweetly hand-smocked little children's clothes

and this gorgeous embroidered cotton voile peasant blouse.
Needing to cheer myself up with something nice to sell 
on tedandbunny eBay I photographed and listed them
and felt a whole lot happier with the day. . .
and I've still got the money to spend after Christmas :)

Saturday, December 11

the Chosen Cushion

we all know how fussy cats are
(especially Farm Cats with ideas above their station)

so after months of trying to find an acceptable alternative
to a VERY old and grubby feather cushion,
and having each offering completely ignored

I was surprised to find her ladyship
has settled contentedly for one of the garden-seat pads
I brought in from the shed to wash before storing away.

Tuesday, December 7

I'm very very cold

I'm not the sort of person who grumbles.

My cup positively overflows
I live in a beautiful place
I have a charmed life
and through thick 'n thin I have the ability to giggle,
and make the best of some very bad situations.

it's a big thing for me to admit
that for some reason
I'm not coping very well

Our house is in a "pocket" tucked under trees in the middle of a field.
The frost never goes and the sun never reaches us
but we're in Dorset, not Siberia!

I'm cold right inside
no matter how many layers of snuggly thermals
(and I've tried them all)
or blankets or hotties or plump quilts.
Or the odd tot of whiskey.
My hands are white, my feet are frozen
(apart from the chilblains!)
my shoulders are set rigid
and my teeth are clenched.

I eat and drink all the things that are supposed to make you warm.
Bruce ensures I do brisk exercise.
But it doesn't matter how hot I get on the outside
the inside of me still stays
very very cold.

Anyone got any ideas?

Friday, December 3

yeay!! photos and The Giveaway winner!!

If you pop over to Vintage at the Village Hall blog there's
some pics (at last), links to pics on other sites. . .
and the winner of the Guess The Cakes Giveaway.

And now the hoo-ha has died down I promise to stop being boring and
get back to writing about daily life WITHOUT mentioning
that pesky Village Hall in every sentence!!

Wednesday, December 1


I'm not embarrassed to say that Vintage at the Village Hall was an unmitigated success.
My stallholders excelled themselves with their exquisitely displayed wares and unstinting enthusiasm for the fair.
The support of so many people (many of whom I didn't even know) helped transform our quirky little Parish Hall into a bustling emporium heaving with eager buyers- some 700 people through the door- and the atmosphere was just as I had envisaged. You all made my dream come to life.

I spent sleepless nights fretting about The Important Thing That I Would Forget To Do.

And I did it.

No blimmin photos!!!

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