Tuesday, January 11

would anyone like an HP21 ink cartridge as a pressie?!

Would anyone like an HP21 black print cartridge?

I bought one from Staples in a last ditch attempt to see if my printer would work properly, took off the seal at the back to try it but alas the printer was already dead.

I can't take the cartridge back, my new printer is a laser jobby and I hate waste!
It's never been used. . .sooooooooooo, if it's the right size for your printer and you'd like a New Year pressie, please email me your address and hey presto it'll be winging it's way to your desk before you can say 30 copies please! xx



No thanks - but would love the VINTAGE UNION JACK FLAG MANNEQUIN! Oops, too late, and too poor LOL!

sandiart said...

That is very generous of you, hope someone can use it.
x Sandi

sue15cat said...

What a lovely offer, but wrong sort for me, unfortunately. Hope you find a lucky recipient, I hate waste too!

Sue xx

Jee said...

Wrong sort for us, too. I'm just about to resurrect our old laser printer because I find the inkjet too costly. Printers are much too much trouble in my opinion, neither of ours will work with husband's version of Windows even after downloading updates, grrr!

Donna ~ Bizzydays said...

You are so lovely Elaine :0)
Thankyou kindly for your comment on my blog, and for the link!
I'll email you this week with some dates.
We're going into hospital on 8/2/11, so I'll work some dates out for before then :0)
Speak to you soon.
Love Donna x

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