Wednesday, March 30

FOUND!! Young Bruce. . .known as Ned!

After Bruce's episode of over-exuberant high jinks,
I decided to seek professional help (psychiatrist!!) with his training
as we were obviously not on the same wavelength.

Quickly assessing the deteriorating situation Kirsty set us
team building and bonding exercises reinforced with a
more positive approach to  schooling.
Overly protective about lameness recurring
I was being far too lenient with his workload!

Schooling has produced dramatic results as we've both
found better balance and co-ordination and as he
builds muscle tone in all the right places, Bruce has rediscovered
the most AMAZING, floating paces- something forgotten during
galloping and jumping of his 10 years hunting!

Determined to find out about his past, I set to work
tracing his early years in Ireland.
Registered with the Irish Sports Horse Society as
"Look Who's Talking"
(he obviously ALWAYS flapped his lips about!)
I tracked down and contacted
an earlier owner, who was overjoyed at receiving
info of a horse she parted with in 1999.

Hilary bought him when he was 4 to produce
as a show cob. He won many prizes at country shows,
was placed 3rd in his class at the prestigious Dublin Show
and subsequently sold to an English dealer.

She fondly remembers him "having a fantastic step
and being very light to the ground"
and enclosed the above photo taken when he was 5. . .
and his name was Ned!


Andi's English Attic said...

So glad you and Bruce are finding your way. How nice for the previous owner to learn he's doing well.

Love your stairwell pics in the last post. xx

Fading Grace said...

Bruce suits him much better than Ned!! Thats so exciting finding out about his past. I'm glad you to are finding your way together, I know it's so easy to loose confidence, they are big powerful animals to be sat on! x

sue15cat said...

How lovely and young Ned/Bruce looks, I wonder if they realise their names have been changed.

Our Monty (the Middle White Boar) was Harry for his first 6 months, and my cat was originally Hissy (for obvious reasons) then Katy (we thought he was a girl) and then Toby.....poor confused cat!!

So nice that you are discovering Bruces lighter side and bonding even more.

Sue xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

How great to find out about his youth! I know nothing about horses, so this is probably a daft question - why's he a different colour now? Abby x

Mimi and Tilly said...

Wow, that's fantastic news. I wonder if Bruce has been going "It's Ned...." every time you've called him Bruce?! He looks so handsome in his picture. I've had a lovely time knitting squares for a granny blanket I'm amking. My cat, Ernie, found one of the balls of wool last night while I was asleep and I woke up to find metres of mess all over the bedroom and my cat sat in the middle of it looking very pleased with himself! Em x

Autumn Mist said...

Wow - SHINY! Who'd have thought it, eh? (Dublin show, I mean) you'll have to keep at it now. Tbh I didn't know you were struggling until I flicked back through some of your previous posts. It must be a cob thing, especially if they've hunted quite a bit. I had my old horse Max for some months before his passport arrived saying that his name was Murphy, but it was too late by then, he'd got used to his new name. Ned doesn't suit him, does it, he's definitely a Bruce!

My Spotty Pony said...

How exciting for you to find out about young Bruce, I wonder why his name changed over the years? I am so glad the schooling has been a success and although it is hard work, it is definitely worth it in the long run.
What a fine looking chap he was back then... and still is of course!
I hope you have many happy hours hacking out in the spring sunshine.
Abby x

Janet said...

How lovely to have found out about Bruce` past- I find it helps me a lot to have someone on the ground to help with schooling- I guess he is enjoying the extra work as well learning to respect you all over again now he is not so frisky ! well done you !

Sherri B. said...

He has always been a very handsome guy. Ned? He looks much more like a Bruce to me, so glad he got the name changed...So glad that things are working better after the professional help.

Menopausal musing said...

Fancy that eh? Bruce having a little secrets..............

Jee said...

How lovely to find out about Bruce's past - can't think of him as Ned, I'm afraid. We once owned a nice small thoroughbred who turned out to have been quite a successful hurdler in his youth and have some quite famous antecedents. Glad you've got some good professional help - he's obviously been getting above himself.

melbatoast68 said...

How very cool that you were able to learn about Bruce's misspent youth as Ned! I'm happy to hear you two are finding your rhythm.

Attila said...

In my experience, horses generally have more than one name. There's the show or registered name ("Cossingrove Erminetoes"), the stable name ("Eric"), and the name when he stands on your foot (you don't really need me to type that one, do you?).

Kim said...

ned/bruce...what's in a name. He is a handsome dude!

Terry said...

What a big handsome boy he is!

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