Tuesday, May 24

. . .!! ;O) xx

If I were to write a new post!!
I wouldn't end each para
like this!!
would I???!!!

So how come :))
when I leave a comment :((

I have. . .dot dot dots
(. . .all over the place. . .)

dn't chek my sppeeling
put [these] inside (these)

say SOME things very BIG
and "some things" with inverted commas
and leave xxs for people I've never met???

Even me grammar's been and went
(and my one claim to fame was O level English)!!

Soooooooooooooooooo (I use such a lots of oooos lately)
if you find a quietly refined "comment"
Yours Sincerely
Ted and Bunny

you'll know it's ME
trying extra hard to type with one hand
and not use the !?":;[O](ooo) keys!!!!

(. . .but I'll STILL leave the xxs!!!) ;O)


Susan T said...

Love this post. Do you think it is an attempt to inject some colour in the writings. I find I am doing it all the time now. It's as if I want it to come out the way it sounds in my head.

I got A level English and I still can't spell!

Pomona said...

I find the ellipsis so evocative - I feel it leaves space for the reader to write themselves into the text, and I use just one x, not wanting to be immoderate .... [space for you to chunter at her pretentiousness]

Hope you will join in my giveaway on my blog today ... [space for you to ponder]

Pomona x

My Spotty Pony said...

I am soooooo guilty of this!..... your post made me lol, (which my son tells me stands for "laugh out loud"). AND despite us never meeting...
I am sending you a hug and xxx's :))

Jee said...

I thinks it's a blogging hazard - one's trying so hard to communicate all norms go out the window, and if you're like me it's all done at speed.....

polkadotpeticoat said...

everyone is having trouble!

Fading Grace said...

I think i type like i talk....which is rather worrying!! your post did make me laugh, when i first used facebook, which I dislike intensely mostly! random people kept sending lol...I thought it meant lot's of love!!! oooower I hardly know these people and they love me! I was soon put right by my exasperated children lol! xx

Vintage Jane said...

Oh, this made me laugh. I find myself cyber-kissing people I've never met without giving it a second thought! x !

Vintage Tea Time said...

Read this post earlier and tried to leave a comment, but there were gremlins abroad... I totally agree!!! Who is this person who leaves kisses everywhere and ends every comment with ??!! Why, it's me! Abby x (I saw - and posted about - some of those moth webs, by the way)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh dear - I am guilty of over using !!!!! & ...... & oooh! as well...must be catching!!!


ermine said...

YES! This post & everyone's comments have nail it smack on the head. Catch myself reposting one post a zillion times to catch simple mistakes, using too many (!!...), or caps. Comforting knowing we're all paddling in the same canoe. XXX's from anyone makes them an instant friend in my book. =)


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