Thursday, July 7

Scents of Smell

So here's the thing. . .

you do the washing, Persil fresh
all nice and clean you hang it on the line
sunny morning (with any luck)
breath in
honeysuckle and grass
perhaps a hint of rain on the breeze
and touches of woodsmoke left from last night
(even though it's officially summer)

end of the day its dry
smooth some creases
iron the rest
put it back on the bed
plump the pillows 
drape the eidy

climb into bed all sleepy and nice
remove that elusive peg  
(there's always one isn't there- like the teaspoon in the sink)
bury your nose in the pillow
breathe in the linen
go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

breezy rain?

what IS that smell
is that what sunshine smells like?


Rose H (UK) said...

I didn't realise it was the smell of marvelous!

Hesta Nesta said...

I do agree, the smell of washing that has dried outside is wonderful, and there's nothing like getting into a clean bed. Have a lovely day.
Jo xx

trashsparkle said...

sounds very lovely - god knows why but I was expecting there to be a catch at the end; an unexpected present from the cat perhaps? ;)

sandiart said...

Oh I was thinking along the same lines as trashsparkle ha. I love fresh straight off the line onto the bed sheets. I usually take in a huge nose full.
x Sandi

Janet said...

Thats on my list as one of my most favourite things !

Liz said...

yes, its one of those smells that's difficult to describe, but love your idea of the smell of sunshine!
Liz (Shortbread & Ginger)

Autumn Mist said...

I love to have a shower as well, just before bed, and put on a clean nightdress before diving between the sheets and feeling completely clean and fresh. There's nothing like it!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

I totally agree, my friend is an ex-pat in the USA and they don't hang out their washing relying on tumble driers!!!! She sneeks a washing line out and hangs it where no-one can see and as it is so hot it dries in no time and then she brings it in and no-one is any the wiser.

Poppy said...

I'm with you all the way! GORGEOUS summer smells...

Lou xxx

Susan T said...

I love this post, very evocative description of sunshine soaked bliss. Do you remember those adverts "Somebody's Mother uses Persil"

Fading Grace said...

Do you know what, I think it is one of life's pure and simple pleasures, climbing into bed a little weary, knowing that the bedding has been washed and dried in the sunshine xx

Sylvia said...

I love laundry dried outside, it smells so nice ... like sunshine ... sounds nice !
Enjoyed this post, Elaine !

Gretel said...

OK, you've persuaded and charmed me into doing my weekly chore now, so I hold you responsible if it rains on my bedding! (Joking!)

sue15cat said...

You really can't beat it can you, the smell of sunshine and summer. The scent of all the lovely things rolled into an air and linen freshener that they will never be able to manufacture.

I love to see washing drying in the breeze, funny thing is I LOVE pegging it out and HATE bringing it in.

Sue xx

melbatoast68 said...

I love bedding that has been dried on the line at the beach too. That smell reminds me of my childhood and I smile. Thanks for the smile :)

OhSoVintage said...

I am having an ironing break right at this moment and look forward to clean sheets this evening. Quite a different smell as I walked into 22 yr old son's bedroom this morning wondering when he last thought to change his sheets. Yuk!

Ivy Black said...

I love the smell of newly line dried washing. Bit damp at the moment though! xx

Menopausalmusing said...

Such a lovely post Elaine.... and I KNOW what you mean about the errant peg..........

fallingonabruise said...

i'm with you lot, i love the smell of washing, its one of those 'happy' smells like cut grass and warm horse :)

Edward said...

Hi there I am pleased to say I seem to be following your blog properly now and getting all the up dates on my dashboard, don’t know if you can see me following your blog I did chose to follow you publicly, but anyway its working for me now and I look forward to following your blog hopefully with out anymore problems.

BusyLizzie said...

Bliss.. I always Love things that have dried on the line in the fresh air. The washerwoman (who else!) xxx

The Cloth Shed said...

To climb into a clean bed, white sheets and pillowcases fresh from the line....absolute bliss!
I also like bedding that has been left out in the rain (often happens here), such a fresh, clean smell after it has dried again...
Julie x

Harriet said...

Ooh, yes! The best smell along with the first roses and newly mown grass. Some of lifes simple pleasures.
Love your pictures of Bruce too - what a happy horse!

mrsnesbitt said...

LOVED this! I have recently bought a mattress topper and it is the best sleep I have ever encountered. Have gone for white bedding too - all my old covers etc are now in charity shops and I have all white. Love it -

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