Sunday, July 17

very VERY quick tomato soup

this is SUCH a fab and easily adaptable recipe
for tomato soup that's easy and cheap to make,
and just as great served hot or chilled- with the blustery wet weather this weekend hot soup is back on the menu here in Dorset!

Fry a red onion until soft but
not browned
(you could add some garlic or chillies here if you want)
add a stick or so of celery and/or
the green leafy celery tops
1 large tin baked beans
2 large tins tinned tomatoes

bring to the boil, lower heat and
simmer until everything is soft
add basil
(I strip a whole plant cos I just LOVE basil!)
or a handful of mint leaves or
tabasco or worcestershire sauce
if you like a peppy soup
and simply blitz it all in the food processor

If it's a little too thick I add some water saved
from boiling the potatoes

season and serve with
sour cream, plain yoghurt
or just as it is!



vintage mum said...

Just the thing for a gloomy wet weekend, here's hopeing the coming week is brighter.
Cate x

Sylvia said...

We have rain and high wind for several days now, hot soup would be nice !
Thanks for the recipe, Elaine !
Wish you a sunny week,

Hesta Nesta said...

Must have a go, it sounds like real comfort food...yummy. It's raining and windy here, lets hope for some sun.
Jo xx

Gena said...

Sounds delicious! will definately give it a go,Thanks Elaine!

Fran said...

Sounds yum. someone made tomato soup on the day we did our Home Economics O level and I remember it very clearly because the lid came off the food mixer and it went all over the ceiling. The teacher wasn't best pleased. This is the only exam I remember in detail, seeing as it was 1978.

Sherri B. said...

We are having rain, again..ugh.
This will be a pick-me-up in this weather and I have been looking for some easy, quick things from a can to have in our stock cupboards. Thabks for sharing it and I will think of you when I serve it. xoxo

helen tilston said...

I love it, simple and items I already have in my pantry.

Thanks for sharing


Menopausalmusing said...

Definitely one to try! Looks VERY quick and very easy. Another day of gloomy skies here.....

Vintage Jane said...

I've just printed your recipe off - sounds delish and perfect for our current budget too! M x

Jee said...

Sounds great - we get through a ot of soup and it tends to start getting very samey!

sue15cat said...

Brilliant, that's lunch sorted, I'll just have to omit the baked beans due to the diet we're on, but I have our tomatoes bottled from last year in the storecupboard and rampant basil plants everywhere.

Definite need warming soup this weather, it's like Autumn out there.

Sue xx

bad penny said...

yum. I has soup today, nice & warming in July !!!

The Cloth Shed said...

Baked beans.... is that the secret ingredient?
Must give that recipe a go....I love homemade tomato soup with crusty French bread dunked in...and plenty of fresh basil too of course.
Julie x

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

Oh yummy, I could live on soup!
Is there potato in this soup? You said if it's too thick you add water from the boiled potatoes.

Sarah said...

Many thanks for the recipe it sounds very tasty. I will try it in a few days time.I am your newest member, feel free to visit me in the orchard.

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