Thursday, August 25

at last, my kinda quilt. . .

By now, you must all have realised I'm not a particularly girly girl. . .

I admire ditsy and lacy, and perfectly staged Cath Kidston and Country Living photo-shots for the prettiness they provide in an otherwise rather Grown Up world, but my own style of furnishing and fashion is a little bit quirky, a little bit bright (I adore accents of red), more than a little bit vintage, a little bit risky (but it works- Victoria and Abstract can be more than just a play on words), very tactile, very eclectic, often very faded (and I mean VERY faded), all mixed together with a large dollop of humour!

I adore the thought of quilting, covet many of the fat quarters and feedsack prints used, am in awe of the the exacting handiwork involved and appreciate both traditional and vintaged-up versions of classic templates.

My own quilt collection consists of 19thC and 1960s crazy quilts, each irregular fabric edged with feather stitch embroidery, and antique shattered-beyond-repair part quilts, purchased (some may say unwisely) because I'm drawn to the stories these threadbare stalwarts could tell.
My favourite amongst these was bought because it still held the hexagonal templates- Georgian copperplate invoices- in an era when paper probably cost more than silk, and I display it template side up

With this odd preference for imperfect over pristine, I've not been inspired to want want WANT a modern quilt. . .until I saw the masterpiece that is The Penguin Book Quilt belonging to Lynne Goldsworthy from Lily's Quilts, over on Katy Jones' blog I'm a ginger monkey

Now all you Crafting and Quilting Queens are probably familiar with both the the book Modern Blocks in which Lynne's quilts are featured, and the magazine Fat Quarterly which Katy and her team produce, but for me this is the start of something new. . .

Having innocently taken-up my knitting needles once again, where will the journey end?
I feel more than a little inspired to have a look through the Fabric Stash Cupboard and put together a few ideas of my own. . .


Pomona said...

That is an amazing quilt! I don't have the book, nor do I get the magazine - so it's all pretty new to me.

Pomona x

Sherri B. said...

Isn't it wonderful when something comes along that we haven't seen before and it touches a part of our artistic brain and heart that has not been visited before? I have always loved quilts and took a class but ended up not being that fond of the perfect matching of seams and points. I do admire others work in that area but my, sometimes rebellious, personality makes me want to do it 'my' way. I do like the quilt in your photo with all of the colors, but I can't get close enough to see what else is going on with it (?).
Have you ever seen the quilts of Gee's Bend or the story that goes with them? I will leave you with a link to see some of the quilts and a link to the history of these remarkable women of freed slaves after the Civil War, USA.

I hope you enjoy this my friend. xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love this quilt I'm like you as far as my quilt likes the feedsacks are my favorite...but I regret selling once an all silk crazy quilt...such a shame!

melbatoast68 said...

LOVE the colors. One of my prize wedding presents is a double wedding band quilt. I'm like you in that I love quilts but have never made one - Crazy quilts being a fav. Would love to see photos of some of yours.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Elaine
I am a sort of girly girl, but am tending more to the faded chic as I get that way myself. I adore the quilt shown, am I right in thinking its penguin book sleeves? You see the eyesights fading too!! I do love intricate quilts too, but rather favour the strip quilts done my way in 12 inch squares now (bit quicker to do). Did a completely hand made one once with the paper templates and it took me two years to complete!

My Spotty Pony said...

At first glance I thought it was a giant fabric paint chart! (eyes are going same way as the rest of the body... downhill!). What a fabulous quilt this is, I have a few old ones but would have no idea where to start with making one.
Your comments about Bruce and Joe in the Fatty paddock carefully placing their droppings was so funny... still smiling thinking about it now :) x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

That is a most awesome quilt!

Go for it Elaine!

Jee said...

Definitely a quilt for this book-mad household, isn't it super! All sewing on hold here until broken arm mends but it's one for the wish list!

Sylvia said...

I don't know anything about quilting, Elaine, but it looks great !
I used to knit a lot and I loved doing it, but it's 20 years ago and I don't have the time now because of my courses and photo-editing :-)
Enjoy knitting !
Nice weekend,

millefeuilles said...

That is an amazing quilt. I just know that one day I too shall happily tread the path of quilting. It is equally amazing to go into project desire overload.

I have been thinking about you as I know you have taken up knitting again from your last post. I thought I would make your project list longer still by telling you about my giveaway ;-) I would really like you to have a chance to win as I think you might like at least one of the gifts in question.

best wishes,


Annie said...

What an amazing quilt, I love it. It would go down well in this house where reading is very popular. We have just got back from Edinburgh having visited the book festival which is on at the same time as the Fringe.
Ann x

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