Sunday, October 16

bad hair day...Bruce's Mohican!

As far as I know, Bruce's mane has always been
 "hogged" in traditional cob style-
(I think overseas readers call it roached)
in the 7 years I've known him its not been any different
to the photo above.

A quick up-&-down with the clippers once a month
keeps the hair short, and he's never minded having it done.

A couple of months ago I wondered what he'd look like
if we grew it out, and instead of the Hunter/Show Cob bristle,
he had a mane and forelock.

As you can see, it's been quite quick to sprout
and he's got a little clump of hair between his ears
which will eventually (hopefully!) grow down to his star

Unfortunately, the rest of the mane is rather alarmingly
growing UPWARDS Mohican style. . .I'm not sure when
it'll start to fall over his neck, and whether the hair 
will be fine enough to train to one side or
look like an unruly birds nest!

Growing-out a style is always such a pain isn't it?
I'll keep you posted with it's progress!

(apologies for the poorly posed photo, 
but when a chap's got an itchy nose. . .)


Pennyblossoms said...

Bruce the Punk! He could have it sprayed with different colour hairsprays. Only joking, Bruce! (Mind you, did you see what your mum did to your nose at Christmas?!!)
To me he is always Bruce the Handsome!
Z xx

sue15cat said...

He's a handsome chap however he wears his hair!!

Sue xx

Edward said...

I obsess over manes a tails, I know you couldn’t tell by looking at my horses, anyway I think it will be great to see Bruce with his new hair.

Fading Grace said...

I think he might look rather dashing with long hair, xx :-)

Susan T said...

What a gorgeous chap, with or without his punk 'do'. I do love long swishy manes, but then I watched Black Beauty too often as a child.

Jee said...

I'm sure it will fall downwards when it gets a bit longer - love the tufty bit between the ears though!

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm sure he'll be gorgeous however his mane grows :o)

Country Cottage Chic said...

You could always dye white stipes in it for a zebra look!

I am letting Dylan's mane grow out longer at the moment instead of being pulled & neat for plaiting & it is starting to fall over to one side instead of sticking up like a brush. His tail continues to be about 3 horses worth!


Sherri B. said...

You know I have a soft spot for Bruce and so I think he is handsome no matter what way he wears his 'hair'. I am looking forward to the updates and I believe he is quite proud to show it off. Have a nice Sunday my friend. xxoo

Autumn Mist said...

I've had one traditional who I once hogged and it took 2 years for his mane to grow back (don't want to alarm you!) Barnaby's always been hogged but when he broke his pedal bone we turned him away for nearly a year. It was a shock to see him with a mane, and I have to say it didn't suit him at all. I'll be following this with interest.

vintage mum said...

Can't wait to see if he gets long flowing licks :)
Cate x

Sylvia said...

Whatever you decide, Elaine, Bruce is always handsome, but it's worth a try ...
It's cold here and I had a bad cold, but I'm feeling better now.
Wish you a great week,

My Spotty Pony said...

My friends horse was hogged when she got him in April and his mane it is looking very much like Bruce's does now.
I think some grow quicker than others but it will be worth it to see what Bruce looks like with a full mane. Spotty has the worst mane I have ever seen. It was ruined last winter when the rug that covers his neck had rubbed. And over the summer one of his field companions has been chewing it! I am sure Bruce will have a lovely thick and glossy mane when it grows out :) xx

Terry said...

When it gets long enough, braid it and it will lie flat.

Sherry said...

Hi, I hopped over from another blog and was delighted to see your "indoor" chickens, along with handsome Bruce. The chickens I have now are not so bold but I used to have ones that wandered inside if the door was left open!

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Yes, I too think he's a handsome boy no matter what is hair style is! xo

Andi's English Attic said...

I like the idea of spraying it a different colour :D xx

melbatoast68 said...

Well not everyone can sport a Mohawk so well...Bless his heart, it's at that awkward stage :)

sandiart said...

Bruce looks mighty fine growing out the buzz cut, much better than I would growing out my short do.
x Sandi

Kim said...

Bruce just slays me! hahhaa...he has a mohawk as we say here in the states. hhahahahahaha'Love to you and Bruce and Kit♥

samihob said...

Come over to and tell us more about Bruce!

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