Wednesday, December 14


I offered to check a friend's horse this morning as she was making an early start Christmas shopping (my friend, not the horse- although that does conjure up a fascinating image!)

Trudging across the uphill gradient of a very muddy, waterlogged 10 acre field in welly boots that were 2 sizes too big, avoiding molehills that resembled mini-volcanoes as the icy rain sheeted sideways and the horse sensibly refused to leave the shelter of the far hedge, I tried to distract my mind from thoughts of revenge and concentrated instead on the searing pain in my calves, and how hard my bum muscles were working to stabilise my floundering gait.

Eureka! I've discovered the rural equivalent of Fit Flops!


MelMel said...


A much cheaper alternative too!


sue15cat said...

Haha....brilliant...I can just picture you trying to market them!!

Sue xx

Jee said...

Gosh - think how much you'd have to pay for those ones with special soles! Why are shelters always at the furthest point from the gate?

Sherri B. said...

Please tell me you went back and made a big pot of tea with a nice warm roaring fire, I'm freezing just reading about it...Oh, that's right, your burning muscles will keep you warm, hahahaha! xo

Autumn Mist said...

There's nothing worse, is there? (Tell me you were wearing thermals!) My horses insist on going out every morning, then realise how awful it is and promptly ask to come back in again! You can't win.

sandiart said...

Imagine how good your glutes are after that butt clenching walk, although I don't envy the side sweeping rain. We had a very warm day here today and tomorrow hotter (just rubbing it in) :)
xx Sandi

melbatoast68 said...

I can just hear it now...muttering accompanied by the squish, slurps of the wellies in the mud. Been there, done that. At least it is a good work out. Have a good one!

YONKS said...

As they say, no pain, no gain! :-)

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