Friday, January 28

a TOTALLY unselfish act :)

ok, so here's the thing. . .

you have a friend, a very good friend,
and she's feeling a bit miz
with a cold and stuff

So you bake her a cheer-up apple crumble
even though she DOES SAY she's lost her sense of taste
and you DO KNOW she's on a post-Christmas diet

You take it out of the oven and put it on the dresser
You go to the fridge to get some lunch
You didn't go shopping yesterday

You look at the piece of toast
no marmite
no cheese
no peanut butter
no tahini

It was a thoughtful thing I did wasn't it?
A completely selfless act of kindness

She'd thank me if she knew wouldn't she?

But I'm FAR too modest to ever tell her
aren't I?

Wednesday, January 26

oh, what took you so long?

I feel like I've been waiting forever for the first sign of snowdrops. . .

to me, their optimistic fight against the worst of the Great British Freeze marks the beginning-of-the-end of winter (yes I know we still have the grey days of February to go) and lights the beacon for primroses and daffodils to start pushing through, followed by bluebells. . .and the warm, light-filled days of summer. . .

is it just me getting older or have the past couple of months been a tad wearying?

Sunday, January 23

Vintage at the Village Hall- NEW DATE!!

The new date is set for the next
and all the news and updates will be on the V V H fair blog

I'm SO excited and
look forward to seeing you all!! xx

Thursday, January 20

Rita in Grazia

A while back, we did a House Clearance of a flat above a hairdressing salon which opened in the 60s and ceased trading some 30 years later.
Rita had run the salon, living alone in the flat (up 4 flights of stairs!) well into her eighties.

It's strange "meeting" someone after their death and discovering the minutiae of their life without prior permission, and difficult not to form an impression of character through closets of clothes, choice of ornaments and personal mementos.

Rita seemed feisty- a truncheon buried beneath the bottom stair in case of intruders, reports from the neighbours of a fierce old woman pouring a bucket of water from an upstairs window over a yob urinating against her porch when the pub closed.
Wardrobes filled with exquisitely stylish clothes from the 50s and 60s- she had been whippet thin with a penchant for elegant tailoring and pencil skirts. . .and no doubt the obligatory beehive hairdo.
In the back yard was a tiny dog's graveyard- for all her business acumen and independence, obviously a lady with a heart.

The salon had red-&-white checked lino, decaying red Formica workstations and heavyweight hood dryers.
In the cellar was the original signboard from the shop front.

It took all week to clear the contents working from the attics downward, salvaging anything precious and disposing of the massive accumulation of rubbish.
The building was to be sold and the Agents wanted it clear and clean.

We tackled the salon early on a Saturday morning. Within hours it was empty- the debris swept away leaving only the chequered lino to mark its jaunty past.
Then we brought the sign up from the cellar, tuned the radio to Sounds of the Sixties and squirted a can of hairspray all around. . .you could almost hear the click-clack of stiletto heels on the floor!

The sign was eventually bought by a fashion-shoot stylist in London, and I received an email this week to say it was photographed in Grazia magazine.
I bet Rita would've loved that!

Sunday, January 16

the difference between men and women. . .

Standing looking at items on a stall, I overheard a couple talking today at Shepton Mallet Fleamarket. . .

him but I don't know why you have to start choosing a mirror for the bathroom when we haven't even bought the house yet


So, the difference between men and women is still just as wide. . .!!

Thursday, January 13

The Hearth Rug's Tale. . .

I just love the way things work out. . .

Many years ago at our local fleamarket I bought some lovely antique handbags from a lady, asked if she had any others and was invited to her house to browse the vintage collection she was selling.

Over the years our paths criss-crossed, she moved
to the village next to mine and we became friends.
Last year she bought a 1930's house to renovate and asked if I'd like the furnishings that had been left in situ- some pretty chintz curtains, brocade cushions and a sweet little hooked wool hearth rug.

I listed the rug on tedandbunny eBay auctions where it was bought
by Tanis, who sent me this lovely picture of it
cosily installed on her narrowboat Cair Paravel

She summed it up perfectly in her email
". . .its good to know eBay works well in such ways.
Its about ordinary folk connecting and doing business,
moving things that still have history to gather. . ."

Tuesday, January 11

would anyone like an HP21 ink cartridge as a pressie?!

Would anyone like an HP21 black print cartridge?

I bought one from Staples in a last ditch attempt to see if my printer would work properly, took off the seal at the back to try it but alas the printer was already dead.

I can't take the cartridge back, my new printer is a laser jobby and I hate waste!
It's never been used. . .sooooooooooo, if it's the right size for your printer and you'd like a New Year pressie, please email me your address and hey presto it'll be winging it's way to your desk before you can say 30 copies please! xx

Sunday, January 9

I love Nigella!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a long-standing love affair with Nigella!

Don't get me wrong- Delia is great, and if you want a recipe to be 100% surefire then follow her directions
TO THE LETTER and you get exactly what you set out to bake.

But Nigella. . .she doesn't seem to mind if you go off on your own tangent and come up with something completely different to the picture on the page- in fact I think she's even quite pleased!

Because I've never got the right ingredients at the time I actually feel in the mood to cook something new, Nigella's recipes provide perfect inspiration to use what's to hand in a different way to the norm, and I have a total affinity with her hatred of throwing away ANY leftover food
(not that leftovers are ever a problem in our house!)

I can read a cookbook like other people read a novel, rolling and stirring and mixing in my mind as I turn the pages, and Nigella writes as if she was sitting beside you chatting over a morning coffee- the recipes spring to life even if you know it's something you'd NEVER actually make!

I'm so pleased to have been given Kitchen for my birthday. . .but looking at the gorgeous cake recipes, I wonder if Ted had an ulterior motive :))

Wednesday, January 5

Positive Passwords

I'm the firmest believer in Postive Thought.

Knee-deep in trouble, I try to keep my focus on an ok outcome (i.e: a car CAN be mended!) and grab any little mantras that might re-enforce some positive thinking.

Sometimes in the midst of muddle, I've written it all down and made a corresponding list of small coping steps to climb out of the mire.

Writing Things Down is such a great way to legitimise thought which I guess is why diaries and blogs are such precious tools.

Having noticed how much time I spend typing passwords I've decided that from now on, instead of family birthdays and the ilk, all mine will be Positive Affirmations- making a useful action out of a meaningless moment, because why waste an opportunity!

Surely it's better to say lifeisREALLYgr8! than @+**!!00abc

Monday, January 3

textiles 2 go!

just thought I'd show you a little peek at the pieces I've listed over on eBay tedandbunny

. . .more lovely 1940s 50s and 60s fabrics from the stash I bought last year, fab pair 1960s curtains and a length of rare Salonen fabric, vintage Union Jack flags, cute red sewing box and appliqued, wooden-handled workbag.
Crinoline Lady hooked wool rug and two lots of 1920s Woman's Institute of Domestic Science booklets on hat making and decorative ribbon trimming. . .

. . .something I think to suit all textile tastes!

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