Thursday, February 24

Birthday Giveaway!

at the beginning of this week I had an unexpected email
which began with the sentence
"I have purchased a few lovely things from you on eBay
over the last nine years (yes, it really is that long!)
and I came across your blog
through my good friend Julie's blog (The Cloth Shed)"

Nine Years? I thought. . .no surely not. . .but when I double-checked
the truth was plain to see- I started selling on eBay 10th Feb 2002!

The email was from Abby,
and yesterday she started her own blog My Spotty Pony

Thinking about starting blogs
I checked the date of my very first post. . .March 5th 2010

two birthdays- a great reason for a Giveaway!

So. . .this gorgeous glass and mosaic butterfly bracelet
is looking for a new home. . .

. . .along with a sweet little floral-framed Gisela Graham blackboard
and 1930s drawn threadwork and applique traycloth.

All you have to do is leave a comment and the winner
will be drawn on 5th March

This giveaway is open to everyone- overseas followers included :))

If you'd like to follow my blog or put the link on your
sidebar, that would be really lovely xx

Wednesday, February 23

Hooray for Cinnamon and Basil!

I love basil and cinnamon and having recently discovered that they're both excellent "mood lifters", I'm trying and use them as much as I can during these dreary February days.

Not long now til Spring, but I feel a tad jaded and determined to use all the help I can get!

I scatter basil with extravagant abandon over anything remotely savoury and make tomato and basil soups and pasta
Cinnamon goes on my breakfast porridge and in apple crumbles, but that seems to be the extent of my know-how with this cheerful duo.

Any other ideas gratefully received. . .

PS has anyone tried putting basil in the juicer?

Sunday, February 20

Bad Boy Bruce!

I've been rather pre-occupied of late and for once
I can't blame it on the pressures of work.

Feeling rather well,
Bruce has been behaving more like this

than this

and while I really do appreciate that
from time to time

I'd very much like to know what he's plotting next!

We all love a badboy
but I'm fast running out of Rescue Remedy!!

Thursday, February 17

Fading Grace blog

I think you'll all agree from looking at these pics

that the lovely Sophie over at Fading Grace

has a great eye for buying and displaying textiles,
clothes, and the vintage oldies that we all love!

I really like her blog and hope that you'll pop over and have a look :)

Sophies own words sum it up perfectly. . .

I love old









faded things
Fading Grace

Wednesday, February 16

My Perfect Valentine

I got a beautiful card for
Valentines Day
(far too soppy to show you the real card here!)

and the scrummiest bottle of chammy

I didn't get any flowers. . .

but that was cos Ted had been reading
my blog. . .

. . .and so I got a TRIFLE instead :)))))))))

yay! I just SOOOO
love my husband!!

Sunday, February 13

Welcome to La Belle Maison blog!

Just before Vintage at the Village Hall last November
I noticed an ad in our Dorset paper for a newly opened
French Interiors and Shabby Chic shop.
Not wanting to miss the opportunity of meeting a like-minded soul,
I quickly emailed an invitation to the owner
and received an enthusiastic reply.

Visiting the shop last month I was delighted to see such a selection of
beautifully painted furniture, textiles and decorative pieces
and although I'd love to keep this little gem as a personal treat,
now that Jeffinie and John have started a blog
I know the secret will soon be out!

I can't wait to read about their adventures in France sourcing stock,
and see "before and after" pics of how John
gets the painted pieces looking so utterly delicious-
the link is La Belle Maison if you want to pay them a visit :)

ps I tried to post this yesterday but had a hiccup- apologies if you couldn't access the link

Friday, February 11

not to be trifled with!

If I say so myself, I make an exceedingly good trifle. . .

fat squares of jam-sandwiched home baked sponge, sodden with intoxicating liquor. . .

deep red, icing-sugar sweetened  fruit puree. . .

golden yellow custard (I'm afraid it HAS to be Birds, made from powder not a carton). . .

billowing clouds of whipped cream concealing deliciously plump raspberries. . .

topped with the most Retro and colourfully kitsch "hundreds-&-thousands". . .

and served in my mother-in-law's frosted yellow vintage pressed-glass bowl, on a cloth of starched white lace.

And then of course, there's always the Co-op confection; two spoons plunged greedily into the plastic bowl while watching telly and sharing a bottle of wine. . .:))))))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, February 7

Simple Treasure Pleasure

I found this sweet treasure in a box of old tools at a Garage Sale this weekend; why she was in there we'll never know, (nor why I decided to look at tools in the first place) but I'm sure she was pleased to catch the attention of a sympathetic soul and be rescued from her unladylike confinement!

She's been sitting on my desk ever since and I have the urge to write a story about her

I have no idea how old she is or even why I like her so much

How can something so small and simple be SO  full of character and charm and what is it exactly that draws us to certain things?

I've never felt much of an affinity towards new things, nor wanted to replace decorative items as Fashion Whims chop and change- I'm surrounded by objects because I love them, rather than commodities to create an impression.

As I'm the only one in my family with a hankering for the Vintage Feel I do wonder how it happened?

I must just tell you this little story because it'll make you smile. . .

I'm a bit older than Ted (not a Mrs Robinson difference, but definitely "a bit").
When we got married a long-standing acquaintance told me how lucky I was to find "someone who also appreciated older things"

Now how would YOU take a comment like that?!!


Thursday, February 3

careworn & castout, but loved once again. . .

not much to buy at our local flea market on Saturday

but I seemed to attract sad teddies

and because no-one with a soppy heart like mine can
resist a careworn bear, they all came home with me. . .

and joined "the others" on the upstairs landing chair

(which, incidentally came from our local tip!)

Easy to spot the impostor. . .but Podgie is
so cute he counts as an "honorary bear"

What is the correct name for a group of teddies?

Tuesday, February 1


At the risk of sounding like I live in a Dickensian novel,
am I the only person in this Modern World who suffers from
something as archaic as chilblains?

We can send people to the moon,
shoot messages across the globe in the blink of an eye
and even create a recipe
for risotto that doesn't need constant stirring. . .

so how come I'm sitting here with hideously red itchy cracked fingers
that resemble a bunch of malformed sausages,
and upstairs in my closet the shiny new boots that
were unbelievably reduced in the sale
glare at me with all the disdain of a smartly-dressed townie
mocking the country bumpkin wearing "old lady" shoes
because troubled toes won't fit into anything better.

Every year I try all the remedies
Every year I wear gloves and mittens and socks that
could've accompanied an Antarctic explorer
Every year I get chilblains

In fact this year, even my chilblains
have got chilblains!
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