Saturday, April 30

I'm no gardener. . .

I have to admit that I'm no gardener
and I've even been banned from using the secateurs
since the infamous Bunny Scissorhands episode :(

Our garden is very large, very shaded, regularly invaded by deer
and completely ransacked by two fat chickens!

My in-laws lived here before us
and m-i-l planted this magnificent azalea in 1980

In spite of my neglect, poor soil and minimal sunlight
it flowers every year without fail
turning what was once a landscaped rockery
into a waterfall of white

Thankyou, Betty xx

PS the biggest culprit!

Wednesday, April 27

3 days til The Vintage Bazaar!!

YAY! just 3 days to go until The Vintage Bazaar in Frome!

This FABULOUS event, organised by Lizzie and Clare was an outstanding success last year, and the line-up of sellers for the April Fair looks even BETTER than before (if that's poss!)

I'm so SO excited about visiting- finding all your favourite vintage stalls under one roof really is shopping heaven!

10 am -3pm at the Cheese & Grain in the centre of Frome, with easy parking. . .and there's lovely shops in Frome to visit afterwards ;0)

Monday, April 25

YAY! my Making Mojo returns!

Two wise friends gave me two pieces of advice recently-

one said I was on work overload and needed to take a breath
and the other said I was too old to wear a mini-skirt (boo)

Because I always do as I'm told (yeah!)
I've taken a few breathers this week and have to admit
I feel far less cluttered, much more focused
and my creative mojo has returned from exile
bringing many exciting new ideas for home and work :))

As for the mini. . .
it had a vintage mini makeover :))

Friday, April 22

a suitably shabby seat

Well, you all said I should do this more often

and who am I to ignore friendly advice?

So I found myself a suitably shabby seat
for early morning reflection. . .

and got a suitably stung bum in return!!

P.S. . .my favourite tree of all, the magnificent Chestnut
is already full of flowering candlesticks

while some of the smaller trees are only just starting to
find their leaves. . .

Tuesday, April 19

I did NOTHING (and I don't care!)

This morning began like most mornings do. . .

up early/strong tea/more strong tea/check emails/check never ending to-do list/make Ted's sarnies for work/clean out chicks and muck out Bruce.

But then a strange thing happened. . .

I sat down on the edge of Bruce's water trough, felt the full warmth of the morning sun on my face, watched the horses enjoying the new spring grass, listened to the birds singing like their hearts would burst (and heard the first cuckoo), saw two deer in the far field and a fox loping home after a night on the prowl.

I've got SO much to do at the moment, and I did nothing.
I just sat. And you know what, I don't care. I might even do it again :))

Saturday, April 16

He whisked his last. . .

1976 - 2011

in the middle of Nigella's Guinness gingerbread recipe,
his little motor failed him

Valiantly struggling through a dozen lavender muffins
before sparks flew and he shuddered to a halt,
burned out but not beaten.

Should I spend mega ££'s and buy one of these?

or just go back to the Good Old Days?

He'll be a hard act to follow with his smart little
70s white plastic bowl.

Moulinex Minor, whisked away before his time. . .

Friday, April 15


I just needed an Easter chick to draw the
Giveaway Winner. . .

In the end I did it myself. . .
and the 1st name drawn out was lovely Jee 
who wants the chick sent to her daughter.

Please email me Jane
and it'll be "winging" it's way in time for Easter :))

unlike these two who are so plump they can hardly move!

There isn't a slug or snail to be found anywhere in the garden. . .
alas they've also eaten all the flowers!!

Monday, April 11

"our" Little Owl

conversation last week at Bruce's stable:

Joanne: there's a little owl nesting in the hay barn

me: wow! what type of owl is he?

Joanne: Little. . .

Yesterday morning when I put Bruce out
there he was- happy to pose for photos on the roof!

Joanne said she thinks she's seen two of them
so hopefully there'll be some little Little Owls!

Tuesday, April 5

Send-a-Friend an Easter Giveaway!

ok, so here's a bit of fun for Easter. . .
Send-a-Friend an Easter Giveaway

the cute little vintage felt chicken is the Giveaway prize,
all you have to do is leave a comment and say
who you'd like me to send it to. . .and why!

He's light enough to fly anywhere around the world
so overseas readers are VERY welcome to join in

The draw will be on Friday 15th April
and of course the person who leaves the Giveaway comment
will also receive a little Easter gift for entering :)

I'll contact the winner after the draw for the friend's address
and any message you'd like me to put in the parcel xx

Sunday, April 3

Dairy House Open Day 10th April!!

Just one week until the
Sunday 10 April from 10 am to 4 pm

Not only has Sue Meager spent the last few weeks planning for
the Textile Day
but the dealers have also been playing "musical rooms" at Dairy House.
Some have swapped rooms and the end result has
been worth the upheaval!
The main entrance has moved once again and is now via the double doors
straight into the large main room, creating a much better first impression
which will also help avoid some of the bottlenecks
experienced at last years Open Day.

The ten visiting dealers in no particular order are Loveday James, Donna Flower, Niki Fretwell, Helen Roskell, Chloe Cyphus, Caroline Bushell, Tamsyn Gregory, Tracey Hewlett, Justine Smith and Diana Marx. They will be joining 10-15 Dairy House dealers who will be 'in residence' on the day.

If last year is anything to go by there will be much fun and frivolity, laughter and merriment!

Do remember, though, that if you are thinking of visiting Dairy House to look for furniture or other antiques rather than textiles, these will be available for sale as normal.

see you there next week! xx

Friday, April 1

err. . .excuse me?. . .APRIL??

err. . .April 1st?

but where did March go??!!
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