Sunday, May 29

Morning Rush Hour (Dorset style!)

early morning rush hour. . .
Dorset Style!

roads continually grid-locked. . .

overhead speed cameras. . .

traffic warden on the prowl. . .

screen wash at the traffic lights. . .

boy racers. . .

Diversion. . .

and crossing the central reservation!

men at work. . .

single carriageway ahead. . .

verge trimming. . .

Friday, May 27

Happy Holiday Weekend. . .and HELP!!

How lovely to have "White for Whitsun" shoes advertised
for the Whitsun Holidays in 1950
(or as we now know it "Spring Bank Holiday")

Hoping that you all have a really lovely weekend whatever you wear
and wherever you are xxx

I have some probs with Blogger at the moment-
if I try to leave comments I'm constantly re-directed to sign-in.
My followers gadget is invisible to me
on my dashboard, blog and everyone elses blog. . .
so I can't comment nor can I welcome my new followers
cos I don't know who you are.
If anyone has any ideas. . .

Tuesday, May 24

. . .!! ;O) xx

If I were to write a new post!!
I wouldn't end each para
like this!!
would I???!!!

So how come :))
when I leave a comment :((

I have. . .dot dot dots
(. . .all over the place. . .)

dn't chek my sppeeling
put [these] inside (these)

say SOME things very BIG
and "some things" with inverted commas
and leave xxs for people I've never met???

Even me grammar's been and went
(and my one claim to fame was O level English)!!

Soooooooooooooooooo (I use such a lots of oooos lately)
if you find a quietly refined "comment"
Yours Sincerely
Ted and Bunny

you'll know it's ME
trying extra hard to type with one hand
and not use the !?":;[O](ooo) keys!!!!

(. . .but I'll STILL leave the xxs!!!) ;O)

Thursday, May 19


I'm sure Dorset isn't the only county

afflicted with hordes of Ermine Caterpillar Moth

and although they've turned the hedgerows into

a slightly surreal experience

everything seems to recover once they leave,
with no harm done!

(although Bruce insists they're FAR too scary to trot past!)

Tuesday, May 17

butter DID melt. . .

Kit, sitting on the upstairs landing windowsill
enjoying the early evening sunshine
looking like Butter Wouldn't Melt. . .

as the mass of feathers that alas was once a bird
lay downstairs awaiting discovery.


Tuesday, May 10

wow! Vintage at the Village Hall...what can I say?

the 2nd Vintage at the Village Hall was an outstanding success,
and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm absolutely shattered!

Before I crawl into bed with my hottie
(yeah I know its May but I'm in comfort mode)
and sleep sleep sleep, I just wanted to tell you
that the pics are over on the Village Hall blog,
and to thankyou for the wonderful good luck wishes
and messages of support.

I'd never have done it without you all!

ps 150 un-iced cupcakes in the photo
awaiting their frosting. . .at 5.30 on Sunday morning!!

Friday, May 6


You all know HOW much I love vintage caravans
and this last-minute news is so totally fab
I just HAD to let you know. . .

Miss Dolly has been undergoing a little cosmetic procedure
(as many ladies "of a certain age" are known to do)
and we weren't sure if she would be ready in time
to come to Vintage at the Village Hall on Monday

I'm so excited that Anna can bring her
and will be parked by the front door,
so you can admire her to your heart's content!

She's a 1950s Carissima Car Cruiser

Wednesday, May 4

Vintage at the Village Hall manni makes her debut!

The window display at the Tourist Information Office
in Wimborne Square to promote
(there's more pics to see if you pop over to the Fair blog)

Not long to go now and I'm getting a bit busy
with last minute preps and baking,
so probably won't have time to write again until after
"the day"

Thanks to everyone for your support and good wishes-
I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing those of you
who are able to come, and I promise to take
lots of pics for everyone else

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