Tuesday, June 28

going with the flow

In a reflective mood (possibly [nay probably] after one glass of wine too many!) it occurred to me that although things don't always "go to plan", 
if we go with the flow rather than railing against it (after all who made the plan anyway?). . .

I was writing this yesterday when  
in the form of a power cut that lasted all day!

Staring aghast at the black screen, thinking of all the "stuff" I 'd yet to cram into my electricity-dependant day, it dawned on me that maybe I oughta take heed of what I'd written :)

Un-showered and with a bad-hair-day-headband covering the worst of the worst, I returned the mountain of washing to the laundry basket, ignored the hoovering (never difficult) phoned instead of emailed, wrote a letter to accompany some photos I would normally have scanned (rather nice actually SPEAKING & WRITING to people) saved a whole heap of time drinking water instead of endless pots of tea, sat in the garden to hand-hem some fabrics, concocted a delicious fruit salad for a friend's Birthday Tea instead of baking a cake and I even managed to SORT OUT MY SHED- I can't remember the last time I saw the floor, let alone swept it!!
I rubbed-down a bookcase by hand (pleasingly Mindful) and whilst doing so changed my mind about the intended paint colour- an inspired choice because I'd forgotten I had some fabric to match- and cleaned, oiled and serviced the 2 old Singer sewing machines I "re-discovered" in the shed, ready for sale.

I had a fabulously productive, completely unplanned and deliciously sunny day.

Sometimes, you surge forward like a big wide river swishing along on a strong current, swirling and lapping over anything that might interrupt the flow, driven to reach your destination.
And sometimes you meander at whim, filling little tributaries along the way, spreading outwards instead of forwards with less force, less oomph and less sense of direction.You probably cover the same amount of ground and use the same amount of water, but maybe you think because you've not reached a destination it's not as good.

By the time Ted came home from work I'd made a huge salad for tea and set the table in the garden.
"nice salad. . .but no minty potatoes?"
"we had a power cut this morning. It's been off all day"
"did you check the trip-switch???"

Saturday, June 25

Giveaway Winner (and yes, I was wrong)

ok. . .so I admit it. . .I was wrong

I said we'd have sunshine by the time the Giveaway ended and. . .

 we've STILL got rain
(but the forecast for tomorrow looks more hopeful)!

The lucky winner drawn yesterday for the Giveaway is Jill at Nice Day at Rosies, so please send me your address and the bag will be on it's way!

Wishing you all a fun-filled weekend whatever the weather, and as always, thanks for your support and lovely comments xx

Thursday, June 23

catapilla dreaming...& Rainy Day Giveaway reminder

 Harriet at Catapilla Designs was one of my very first customers
on eBay, and with each purchase over the years
notes emails and chit-chat have been exchanged,
but it was only recently we discovered eachother's blogs!

Catapilla Dreaming is DEFINITELY "our" type of blog
as Harriet writes about her daily life on Bere Island Co Cork in Ireland,
gardening crafting knitting and needlework. . .
pop on over and have a look- I think you'll love it!

DON'T FORGET!! I'll be making the draw
for my Rainy Day Giveaway 
on Friday evening 24th June
so if you want to enter
click this link now

Friday, June 17

rainy day giveaway :))

are we a tad fed-up with such a lot of rain in June?
do we ever need an excuse for a Giveaway?
shall we cheer ourselves up?
You Bet!

Last year I had an un-accustomed attack of craftingness
and when Shirley sent me a lovely batch of
Vintage French faded fabric scraps
I made them up into shoulder-tote bags 
for girlie Christmas presents.

Clearing out the linen cupboard yesterday (rainy-day job)
I found this last bag tucked away. . .

It's lovely to give
it's lovely to receive

It's always appreciated if you want to join my other followers 
or put the Giveaway link on your own blog
but this Giveaway is open to everyone,
and I'm more than happy to send Overseas.

Either leave a comment below or email me directly if Blogger is still
being difficult, and say what your
favourite and least favourite Rainy Day jobs are.

The winner will be drawn out of this very bag
next Friday 24th June
by which time the 

Wednesday, June 15

a name please. . .

this rather exotic "wildflower" creeper has begun climbing the wall 
next to Bruce's stable and I'd love to know what it's called. . .


Wednesday, June 8

roses & thorns

"Some people are always grumbling
that roses have thorns,
I am thankful that thorns have roses"

Aplhonse Karr

I wish you could all breathe in the heady scent
of this exquisite old rose. . .

Many years ago we were asked to do a
House Clearance at a once grand property due to be demolished 
to make way for a development of luxury homes.

The neglected garden had returned to wilderness
but outside the drawing room window, barely visible
through a blanket of ivy grew this solitary standard rose
on a gnarled stem the size of a sapling
with thorns as thick as coat hooks.

The last man left standing,
valiantly flowering as if there would be no tomorrow. . .

(well, would you have left it there?)

Saturday, June 4

Vintage Windbreaks. . .

Because I know how difficult they are to get
because I know how much you love them
because they're useful
and faded
and evocative of picnics spent sheltering from the wind
eating egg sandwiches garnished with cress

Because they're perfectly English
and perfectly useful
and perfectly Vintage in a REAL Country Living way
and because they remind of us a
gentler age, now so sadly past. . .

Because of all these reasons I hope you'll forgive
a blatantly Pimping Post
advertising the two 1950s deckchair-stripe canvas windbreaks 
I have listed on tedandbunny Ebay this week. . .


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