Sunday, September 25

teds. . .for no other reason than I love them!

looking back through some old posts to try and locate
 a lost blog address, I found this pic of
the Careworn Teddies
lined up for their group hug photocall.

Originally bought to sell on. . .
(who was I trying to kid?)

but of course they're all still here aren't they,
proudly wearing their patchy, much-cuddled plush
and overly stroked mohair on bodies mis-shapen from
being hugged so tightly, limbs akimbo,
pads and eyes odd or replaced,
paws bare from the comfort of so many hand-holds.

Do we see faults and damage?
nah- we see the medals of love
they both received and returned

Daft, soppy and sentimental ? Moi?

Tuesday, September 20

Sylvia at Cosiness

Last year when I had my first Giveaway
Hennypenny picked out Sylvia's blog, Cosiness 
for one of the runner-up prizes.

Sylvia was one of my very first followers and I've long followed her
blog because I absolutely ADORE her exquisitely staged
and exceptionally skillful photographs artfully
enhanced with simple garden flowers.

I sent Sylvia some vintage ephemera and a very pretty little set
of antique doilies, hand crocheted in a beige cotton
which seemed to suit the sepia tones of her pictures.

These photos from her post "Cracked" show the delicious way
she used her prize as a setting for the wonderfully
distressed leather collar box.


A leather collar box,
a crochet,
polish, the sweet smell of nostalgia.
From a bygone age
memories come flooding back. . ."

Thankyou Sylvia. . .so lovely.

Thursday, September 15

why this tree cost me a new camera. . .

When I first started blogging last year I had a very basic and
rather elderly Kodak camera, which suited my very basic
and rather elderly camera needs. . .at the time!

Out walking in the fields near home one morning,
I noticed that ferns were growing in the moss and leaf mould
along the top of a branch on an old oak tree,
something really wonderful which I'd never seen happen before.

The Old Faithful didn't "do" distance pics and I really
wanted to share it with you, so I took the plunge and upgraded,
taught myself how to use the new beast. . .
only to find that over the summer the ferns had dried out and died off!

This evening after the wet weather I went to look once more
and found a fresh and quite surreal sprouting

and was also blessed when I turned the corner to find
a young deer happily grazing!

Thanks for being my reason to aquire a whole new set of skills
and a great deal of PLEASURE!

Sunday, September 11

waste not want not!

If you remember my post last month about our
1950s telephone line conductors attached to the fallen oak tree

you'll see we found a useful way of preserving the past-
the conductors remain with the house and the front gate stays open!
(how long before Kit makes it her new sunbathing spot!)


Wednesday, September 7

Alderholt Vintage & Handmade Fair Sunday 11th September

Alderholt Vintage & Handmade Fair
Sunday 11th September

I've recently been sent news of an event that looks like being fun!

Alderholt Vintage & Handmade Fair is being held on  Sunday, 11th September, 10am – 3pm at Alderholt Village Hall, Alderholt, Dorset, SP6 3RB

Lots of local sellers, lots of buyable goodies, music, activities, and a very pretty country setting- what more could you want?

A community event  with various nostalgic and upcycling activities to include:
  • Vintage cars to view
  • Various music and dance from the mid to late 20 century (including live music)
  • Free recycling craft activities to keep children happy
  • Free story reading for children
  • Other activites including childrens rides and lovely teas.

Alderholt is fantastically placed on the border of Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire and on the edge of beautiful Cranborne Chase, The New Forest National Park, the Jurassic Coast and southcoast resorts like Bournemouth (with it’s eclectic Pokesdown and Boscombe area) and Swanage.  Local towns like Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Wimborne, Blandford Forum and Romsey are all well worth a visit and Salisbury, with it’s world famous Cathedral and architecture, is only around 20 minutes drive away.

A perfect family day out- enjoy!

Thursday, September 1

getting comfy, tortie style

Sometimes. . .

no matter how hard you try. . .

its just impossible. . .

to get really comfortable.

Of course,

a hard wooden bench

isn't quite what a very spoilt cat is used to
even if it is in the sunshine.

Another 8 lives like this one please!

as you see from the photo below, she was soon back inside
finding somewhere to settle that was a little more cushioned!

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