Monday, October 24

I finished it!

Back in August I wrote a post about my return to knitting after a lengthy break away, making this waistcoat from a vintage pattern . . .

I'm really proud of myself this evening because after a few hiccups and a fair amount of unpicking (the left side ended up 2" longer than the right because I'd miscounted stitches and my first attempt at buttonholes was awful) I actually finished it, and it fits perfectly!!

And my next project. . .a cute little trilby style hat and matching scarf in tweedy grey boucle.

Thankyou for all your helpful hints and encouragement- there's no stopping me now!

Wednesday, October 19

The Nimbus Patent Hat Retainer

Unashamedly plugging an item I've got listed on eBay!
at a reduced SALE PRICE!!

(I don't pimp my stock very often,
so I hope you'll forgive me!)

Ages ago we cleared the store rooms behind an old shop
that had originally been a drapers and millinery emporium
and found, wrapped in brown paper tied with string,
a pile of these old cardboad advertising placards for
The Nimbus Patent Hat Retainer.

They sold successfully and I thought they'd all gone
until tidying out my own stockroom last week,
I found 8 remaining that I'd put to one side
because the corners were slightly scuffed.

I've listed them on eBay this week with a reduced
buy-it-now selling price of just £6.95 + postage

Really quite quirky- I've never seen a hat retainer
and would love to hear from you if you have one
in your collection-
they date circa 1930s and are true Vintage Originals!

Sunday, October 16

bad hair day...Bruce's Mohican!

As far as I know, Bruce's mane has always been
 "hogged" in traditional cob style-
(I think overseas readers call it roached)
in the 7 years I've known him its not been any different
to the photo above.

A quick up-&-down with the clippers once a month
keeps the hair short, and he's never minded having it done.

A couple of months ago I wondered what he'd look like
if we grew it out, and instead of the Hunter/Show Cob bristle,
he had a mane and forelock.

As you can see, it's been quite quick to sprout
and he's got a little clump of hair between his ears
which will eventually (hopefully!) grow down to his star

Unfortunately, the rest of the mane is rather alarmingly
growing UPWARDS Mohican style. . .I'm not sure when
it'll start to fall over his neck, and whether the hair 
will be fine enough to train to one side or
look like an unruly birds nest!

Growing-out a style is always such a pain isn't it?
I'll keep you posted with it's progress!

(apologies for the poorly posed photo, 
but when a chap's got an itchy nose. . .)

Friday, October 7

no words needed. . .why I love my morning walk

I hope you enjoy whatever you do this weekend, making the most of this lovely Autumn

Sunday, October 2

Kit, waiting for her "friend" to arrive. . .

I couldn't figure out why Kit had taken to sleeping
on the laundry basket stool I keep under the washing line. . .

but cats don't normally miss a trick. . .

and eventually her "friend" flew in.

But by then Kit was long gone because she had other prey. . .

which she left for me to find on the front porch!

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