Saturday, November 26

an economically moisturised face!

A really successful tried-and-tested ££ saving tip-

I've changed my night time moisturiser
for a bottle of Almond Oil
costing just £2.50 from the chemist.

It lasts for ages, is wonderfully hydrating
for dry ("mature" [ugh I hate that word]) skin
and you can add a few drops of essential oil
to the bottle if you yearn for girly scent.

And that's not all;
after you've massaged all those wrinkles
dab the leftover oil on your cuticles!

Sunday, November 20

If I was very clever. . .

I've no great desire to replicate Nature's beauty
in paints or pastels

or sculpt organic forms with pottery and woodcarving

but if I was very clever (which alas I'm not)

I'd just LOVE to find a way with beadwork
and gossamer thread

to recreate these exquisitely be-decked dewdrop webs. . .

Sunday, November 13

fungi cobwebs lichen & oak trees

fungi, cobwebs, lichen, and oak trees losing their leaves. . . 

all signs that despite the unseasonable warmth,

November is still doing what it has always done

creating a wonderful Autumnal dampness

that allows the woodland to flourish

and us to become reflective before the onset of winter

Thursday, November 3

1925 Radio Times Christmas Number!

I just thought I'd show you this fabulous,
original Christmas Edition
1925 Radio Times that I've listed on
tedandbunny ebay this week!

It's got the most wonderful advertisements,
articles and stories. . .

and of course,
being the "Official Organ of the B.B.C"
all of the wireless programme broadcasts
for the family to gather round and "listen in"!

A nostalgic trip back to a gentler age. . .
all it needs now is a vintage
hand-embroidered Crinoline Lady
Radio Times cover!

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