Wednesday, February 1

1st things 1st

Early morning may bring many pleasures but none quite so
resassuring in the murky darkness as the 1st cuppa.

(Ironically, I decided that my epitaph will be
I kept calm and look where it got me)

and the woodburner lighting quickly from last nights embers
(alas, central heating is not an option here).

By the time the kettle has boiled on the Rayburn
for the third mug of tea, the fire is
rip roaring away, primed ready for the rest of the day
. . .and so am I!!

What does it take to get you going on these winter mornings?


Rose H (UK) said...

I'm with you all the way with that first delicious, delightful cuppa - don't even bother to speak to me before that!
(Your woodburner looks SO cozy)

Hesta Nesta said...

We don't have central heating here either, only an AGA and a woodburner, but I don't think you can beat it.
Jo xx

The Cloth Shed said...

2 cups of tea for me first thing in the morning, made with fresh leaves brewed in a teapot..please, no teabags in mugs!
Julie x

ilovemyhouse said...

That first coffee in the morning? Heaven!

Pomona said...

I need the first cup of tea to wake me up and get me out of my nice warm bed - to fortify me before I jump out into the freezing cold and get dressed very very quickly with as many layers as possible - before my muscles go into a spasm!!

Yours freezingly
Pomona x

Autumn Mist said...

Hubby gets up an hour before me but brings up a cup of tea in a thermal cup, with the lid on, before he goes. I wake at 7 and sit up and drink it and try to get my brain in gear and force myself to get up and go outside. This is much harder now I can't hear Barnaby kicking his stable door!

Andi's English Attic said...

Well the thing that gets me out of my cosy bed each morning is the knowledge that if I don't get up at a certain time, there will be a pile of dog poo waiting for me in the kitchen. Fool proof way to get me out of bed.

Then it's chauffeur chores, dog walking and then back to the house for my longed for breakfast and cup of tea. xx

Susan T said...

We just have central heating, no lovely log burner. I would kill for one, but I want central heating too. Sunshine gets me up in winter, on dark days I can barely get going.

Vintage Jane said...

No central heating for me either, just a woodburner in the kitchen and living room. Lovely when they are lit but so cold when I come home late after a long day at the office. Mind you, chopping wood with the axe soon warms me up! M x

Sherri B. said...

Love your wood stove, the red surround is stunning! I am so excited about our woodstove going in the City House this spring...we chose that 'over' the central heating! - I have to have my pot of coffee in the morning, one of my very favorite things in life. Have a great day, my friend! xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh hands down my first cup of piping strong cup of coffee!!!

Country Rabbit said...

a lovely milky coffee and my botty perched on a radiator cheers my soul and gets me ready for the brisky school runs up the hillys ;0)xx
lovely log burner, blissful xx

melbatoast68 said...

A hot shower...and a cup of either coffee or tea...something to give me that final kick.

Pennyblossoms said...

Coffee! Coffee! COFFEE! Don't drink tea!
We do have central heating...but you can't sit round it and enjoy the flickering flames! I love wood burners. They warm up a narrowboat something lovely, so I guess that's the same in a real house!
So pleased you've recovered from Bruces' beastliness! Bad Bruce! Naughty Bruce! But still totally lovable Bruce!
Z xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Definitely a cup of tea before I don a zillion layers to go out in the cold to attend to the horses. Then when I get back it is a cup of proper coffee to thaw me out.

Sylvia said...

I do love my cup of coffee in the morning, Elaine, I'm trying to drink more tea :-)
It's very cold here and yesterday we had snow.
Nice evening,

Menopausalmusing said...

I have yet to master the art of getting the woodburner to keep warm enough overnight to light again in the morning.... (I thought it was because it was only a little one, but yours doesn't look that much bigger). I like two cups of tea to start me off.

haizi daizi said...

I always get up very early and I have to have a very large mug of strong tea with sugar, followed by a piece of toast with lashings of apricot jam (I have a bit of a sweet tooth). That's me set for first thing in the morning, then of course I have to have more tea when I get to work to encourage me to concentrate and get on with the day's chores! Have a good day ~ Haizi

Helen Philipps said...

Yes, it's a cup of tea for me first thing too. Just what I need to start the day properly.
Have a great day!
Helen x

Annie said...

For me it's definitely a couple of large mugs of Earl Grey followed by some freshly brewed coffee a little later. We do have central heating but our house still feels cold ! I would love a log burning stove, they just look so inviting and cosy. We have one open fire and you can't beat a log fire on a night like tonight.
Ann x

Mimi and Tilly said...

More hot tea or coffee than you can waggle at stick at. Steve bought me a mug that holds 600mls, just as a bit of a joke as I love my tea. But actually it's the best mug ever! I can't get started until I've had two mugs of tea in my enormous mug which puts me at around a litre and a half of tea in the morning. I know. It's shocking. I'm glad you're feeling lots better and that you're nto in so much pain after hurting your ribs. sending much love and lots of hugs (little ones not bone crusher ones) Em x

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