Tuesday, February 21

(not so) sleepytime tails

1.30 a.m

did you hear that noise?
mmmmm. . .no. . .I'm asleep
you can't be asleep you're talking
I'm trying to be asleep
but did you hear that noise
(cue loud scrabbling sound coming from inside the wall)
do you hear it now?
(mumbled from under the covers)
but it sounds very large and I don't want to know what it is


Ted spends 10 minutes standing in the freezing cold bedroom (TMI to say sans Dickensian nightshirt) with his ear pressed to the wall before declaring we have a mouse who's travelled up the drainpipe, across the front porch, climbed the creeper to the windowledge, shinned up the casement to the gutter and found the gap where the lead seam on the roof doesn't quite meet the slates, snuck in through the gap and dropped down through the roof void to the beam by the side of the bed where he's scampering about making a nest before he invites his lady friend back for a cheese tasting or whatever it is mice do.

Now even at 1.30 in the morning, half asleep, hiding under the covers clutching my hot water bottle for defence against invaders, it occured to me that if my husband can work all that out by simply standing naked listening to a wall, why can't he find a pair of socks, neatly paired and folded in his underwear drawer?

But then I guess thats why I love him so much!


Alix said...

Yes - it is a puzzle that! Mind you, I think it's preferable to have him clever when sleuthing and diagnosing pest problems than clever in the sock finding department and YOU have to do the sleuthing!

Janet said...

Hilarious ! If it`s any consolation I have the same problem with my hubby- Thanks for sharing-it did make me giggle x

Menopausalmusing said...

We should have had pictorial evidence of this scenario! ;O)))))))))))))

Hesta Nesta said...

Absolutely hilarious Elaine and your story reminds me of when our cat brought a live mouse into the bedroom and it escaped behind one of the wardrobes. A couple of days later I was awakened by the cat going crazy because the mouse had resurfaced and my dear hubby running round after them both completely starkers with me standing on the bed screaming 'There it is catch it!!' Said mouse was eventually despatched by our old tabby who joined in the foray! Have a great week.
Jo xx

nilly said...

Yes, I spend a lot of time grumbling the uselessness of the male sex (who NEVER grow up and don't know how to wring out a dish cloth) then something really serious happens like a blocked sink or a fused plug...

Jane said...

Men lack the domestic 'finding' gene. The number of times my husband searches through the piles in his desk and announces something lost which takes seconds for me to find by patiently turning the papers over piece by piece - and why stuff thing in the desk in piles instead of just paying the subscription, reading the article, sending back an acceptance slip etc. when you first get it!
Mine would have been standing there naked too - except he would have put his slippers on :-)

OhSoVintage said...

This made me smile this morning! So true - I had a friend who always used to say that you have to have ovaries to be able to find something! We have had a mouse (or maybe plural) in our house over the winter much to my horror. We bought traps, humane traps, poison and even one of those expensive plug in devices that emits a high pitched sound only a mouse can hear. The next morning a mouse had left droppings directly underneath it (no doubt with two fingers up in the air to us as he did so!) Anyway fortunately there have been no more signs of the little so and so.

Autumn Mist said...

When we first moved here we had rats running about in the eaves. Our old house hadn't sold at the time and the urge to run back home was immense. My husband has no problem with the finding gene, because he doesn't contain a 'throw it away' gene. This means he doesn't know where the bin is, and can find everything (except his glasses, car keys, etc!)

BusyLizzie said...

Brilliant! Lovely insight into your domestic bliss (!) tee hee.x

melbatoast68 said...

Ha! If it's any kind of consolation, we have that same problem on "this side of the pond." It's not just limited to sock either...

Him: Honey where's the milk?
Me: On the top shelf of the fridge.
Him: I don't see it.
Me: Behind the juice.
Him: No it's not.

Me - huff and puff, walk in the kitchen, open the fridge, move the juice and lo and behold....there's the milk. They just want us to find it because it makes them feel like we are taking care of them.

Susan T said...

We have had the mice to stay and husband is unable to find socks, folded or otherwise. I think we should form a self help group

Cheap2Chic said...

Mmmmm, memories of when we had mice in the roof and, I suspect, down in the cavities. Ughhhhh. I had many a sleepless night whilst they were tap dancing, home making (probably love making too) in stereo and thinking about the damage they could be doing to the wiring. A nice man from EDDC put some bait in the roof and ended their impromptu squat.
xx hope you're ok xx

Vintage from the Village said...

That made me laugh ! the husband bit, sorry to hear about the mouse, hope he is gone soon
Sue x

Rose H (UK) said...

Hilarious Elaine!

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

hahahaha I really needed cheering up tis afternoon and Ted does it again - give him a big kiss from me! xxx

Purrfect Haven said...

ha ha haa quite! its must be the way he is wired! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Andi's English Attic said...

We've had mice running up and down inside the chimney. Creepy until you know what it is.

It's not so much not finding things, but we have conversations like: 'where's the newspaper?' 'On the piano' 'which piano?' WE ONLY HAVE ONE PIANO. XX

delia hornbook said...

Bless you ;-)) I always say in my house to both my boys oohhh "so you did the man look again did you" when they can't find something ;-) They laugh now because they know its true. dee x

Sherri B. said...

Hahahaha! when you figure it out..please let me know! xo

Sandi said...

Hehe, that did make me giggle...a lot.
xx Sandi

The Cloth Shed said...

That has made my morning! Your powers of observation are second to none Elaine.
Julie x

BadPenny said...

My hubby wouldn't get up to investigate a scratching sound I could hear in the night ( he couldn't hear it ! ) After two nights I was frantic. I'd even asked the builder working next door in but he couldn't hear it either ! It was coming from the chimney breast. I finally got hubby to break the grating so I could shine a torch in & saw one then two large beaks !
We cut open the mesh & two startled magpies sat inside ! One flew out of the open window straight away, the other we had to coax out.

My husband and now my son can never find anything !

( Will let you know when I visit Kingston Lacy again & perhaps we can meet )

Debbie said...

such a hilarious post! Thanks for cheer me up!

My Spotty Pony said...

Oh Elaine, I love this post! And I could not wait to share it with my husband too. He who snores through the sounds of mice with clogs on in the loft at night... while I am wide awake listening to them!
Just spotted chocolate viennese whirls on your previous post... mmmmm they look yummy, I could just eat one or five right now!
Hope you are feeling better... although I have been 'off blog', you have been in my thoughts xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm hoping you had a lovely day yesterday :o)

I was thinking of you, and I meant to email Friday evening, but alas things have run away with me this week my lovely lady..

Have a great week Miss Bunny, and take care now..

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